Mark Healy recently asked me to do an audio interview specifically for beginners getting started with affiliate marketing.

Here’s a little of what we covered:

  • The 3 requirements a newbie must find for success when looking for a niche (people almost never mention one of these – and it is likely the most important of the 3).
  • The truth about squeeze pages and how many common “guru” tips may sabotage your optin conversion rates.
  • How anyone can get started with free traffic…even if they’re not a writer and don’t care about SEO.
  • 3 Keys to growing a strong email list that produces long-term sales and profits.
  • The “secret sauce” behind my best email promotions – the ones that made as much in a weekend as many people make all year.

One of the immediate bonus gifts in the Monthly Mentor Club is “Starting From Scratch.”  Glenn Livingston and I answer one of the most common questions we receive, “If you had to start over entirely knowing what you know now, and given how things have evolved online, what would you do?

It not only goes into more detail, but also include cheat sheets to help you get started today.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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