Would you like more high quality, premium clients, with less effort?

Tom Poland recently sent me a copy of his book, “Marketing With Webinars”.

He’s making the book available for free for a limited time.

I loved it and read through the entire book in just a couple of days.

In the book he shares his proven, step-by-step method for generating new client inquiries in less than one hour a month and for under $200.

His secret is running live webinars, but not the normal style you see promoted everywhere else.

Instead, he implements several unique twists that produce maximum results on each webinar.

You could invest just one hour a month on the webinar – the rest could be done by an assistant.

In chapter two, Tom reveals how his VA taps into Other People’s Networks (OPN) and filters them to collect only the best quality leads for his webinars.

This 6-step system identifies the right partners, engages them, converts them, and maximizes the return produced on each webinar.

I read a lot of business books.

And one of the things I most appreciated about Tom’s book is he doesn’t just give you the 1,000-foot overview. Too often books just wet your appetite but don’t give you any of the meat.

He shares the nitty-gritty behind many of his webinar systems.

For example, he shows a slide-by-slide example of one of his marketing webinar presentations.

And he explains many of the elements involved, including the open loops and his call-to-action.

Combine this with the example emails he gives in the book to maximize attendance and conversion from the webinar, and the book is worth way more than its regular price.

But right now, you can get the digital copy of the book for free…

If you’ve ever considered doing webinars, then click the link above to grab a copy of this free book now.

Don’t miss out.

The free book will give you an incredible wealth of info about running profitable webinars, and Tom also has a group coaching program to help you further implement it. The links above are affiliate links, and I’m paid a commission on those who choose to join the coaching program.

Whether you even consider the program or not, the book itself will be a valuable resource for anyone running webinars…or considering them in 2021.

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