We just went through Hurricane Irma over the past few days.

I live in Ocala, Florida so we didn’t get it nearly as bad as cities down south.

But it still sounded like a freight train outside when the storm came through.

Trees came down, including one right on our fence.

The house is fine. We’re fine.

Even the weaker winds here did quite a number on the city. Many are without power. Crews worked all night clearing roads. It must be horrible further south and along the coasts.

Storms like this remind me why we live in the Central area and not along the beach.

The biggest pain for us is our fiber Internet is down…and I’m stuck using a super-slow mobile hotspot.

I start loading an email…and go make a sandwich in between.

It’s not quite that bad, but I am getting in the habit of getting up and moving around while websites load.

Our city went crazy last week as the hurricane neared Florida.

Grocery stores were empty. Gas stations ran out of gas.

There were lines a block or longer to get into gas stations.

A pick-up came within inches of hitting someone while speeding to cut past a line of cars.

The clerk at Publix said several women got into a fist fight over a case of water.

Seriously, a fist fight over water…in a state covered with and surrounded by water.

And their faucets would still be working at home, because the hurricane wasn’t coming for a few more days.

Fear can do horrible things to people.

Fear of a hurricane is reasonable. But when it becomes panic, people can do stupid things.

Are you allowing fear to influence any area of your online business?

Perhaps you’re afraid the market you’re choosing may not be the best one for you…so you continue doing research for months or even years.

You’re nervous about sending that email, because someone may unsubscribe…or even send you a nastygram. So what? They aren’t your customer anyway.

You don’t contact that potential JV partner, because they may ignore you. They’re already ignoring you, so nothing would have changed.

You don’t hold the webinar, because you’re afraid people won’t buy your offer. They’re not buying it anyway. So might as well try the webinar…

Where is fear influencing you right now?

What have you thought about doing to grow your business…but something is holding you back?

Identify it. And move forward anyway.

My clients know I’m big on tracking and making decisions based on specific numbers.

It’s too easy to let negative emotions cloud your perception of the true numbers behind your business.

Everything we do is a test. You can’t take ‘success’ or ‘failure’ personally. If you do, you’ll let them hold you back from what’s possible.

Have you allowed fear to hold you back in any area?

If so, make a choice.

Move forward today.

Confront the fear.

Take the next logical step.

Do what you need to do to experience the Freedom you desire in your life and business.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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