As an online entrepreneur, you will exercise your problem solving skills.

You’ll run into new challenges every week…and possibly every day.

There’s no escaping this.

Buying books & courses help. They provide guidance.

They can even give you a step-by-step system to follow.

But even a complete step-by-step system isn’t going to replace your own creativity and thinking.

You won’t find any system that replaces the incredible power of your own brain.

Outside tools and training just provide a pathway.

You’re the one who has to walk that path.

And it’s NEVER as easy as just pushing a few buttons.

Combine this with a fear of making mistakes like I talked about in my last email, and it creates a situation where many people become paralyzed by indecision.

I often provide checklists in my products.

And I’ll even talk about what to do when it doesn’t work out on the first try.

Those can help guide you.

I also deal with clients daily at all different levels in their journey…from just starting out to multi-millionaires who continue to grow.

Sometimes I’m able to tell them exactly what to do because I’ve already faced and overcame that exact same challenge before.

But there are times where they ask difficult questions that don’t have one best answer.

I’ll present the options and the likely outcomes, but they have to make a choice of which path to take.

Other times we brainstorm together to find the best solution to the problem.

And of course sometimes it comes back to simply testing several different options.

Which of two headlines will work best for the audience? As long as both of them involve a strong unique promise that’s mixed with curiosity, we don’t know which one will win until we run a split test to find out.

Maybe one of them has already been tested and proven? Great, we’ll start with that. But we’ll still test new approaches. The majority of those tests aren’t likely to beat the current winner, but then you find a breakthrough that reduces the cost per lead or the income per visitor.

If you want to have everything laid out for you in step-by-step detail with no thinking whatsoever required, that is not a business.

It’s a job. And it’s a low paying one at that.

Most decent paying jobs also require you to regularly solve problems.

I’ve tried coming up with super-duper-miracle-solutions that eliminate the thinking from elements of your online business, but that doesn’t work too well. First of all, it becomes a monster sized encyclopedia type product to cover all the scenarios that could possibly happen. Nobody would want to read it!

And almost immediately someone will run into a brand new challenge…which is why we have coaching.

Coaching gives you an opportunity to ask for help when you run into one of those challenges.

My one-on-one coaching is currently booked up.

But I also provide guidance and suggestions inside the group discussion area of the Monthly Mentor Club.

My new issue each month is based off of questions and support I’m providing to my one-on-one clients. I put the systems we’re using into an easy to follow format.

But as I’ve already mentioned, push-button doesn’t exist when it comes to online entrepreneurship.

That’s why I also provide monthly webinars where I answer your questions and visit the discussion area several times per week to help members directly.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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