website copy lengthPeople love to debate subjects like this.

Ask marketers about long or short copy, and it seems they always have a definitive answer.

Ask most copywriters in direct response and they’ll tell you that long copy beats short copy every time.

Ask the average public, and they’ll say nobody will read all that.

Ask the copywriters for media agencies and they’ll tell you short and simple is better.

What’s the real answer.

How long should website copy be?

It should be long enough to make the sale.  Period.

But here’s where the problem comes in.  What are you selling and how much does the prospect already know about it?

Where are they on the “buying continuum?”

Have they already made up their mind on the product and they’re simply looking for the right website to purchase from? 

That simply means your page needs to show them you’re credible and make an offer for the product that’s stronger than the competition.  Not much website copy needed at all in this situation.

Or what if you’ve already sent them a dozen emails about the subject, 3 videos on Youtube, and held a live webinar…you’d only need a guarantee and an order form at this point. 

But let’s take the opposite direction.  Maybe they’ve NEVER heard of the product you’re offering before.

Perhaps they haven’t even recognized at this point how important solving this problem is to them.

They have a ton of unanswered questions.

This would need quite a bit of copy to make the sale…perhaps a dozen or more pages to thoroughly cover all the issues.

It’s not about long versus short copy.

It’s about the customer.

It’s about where they are in the buying process…and what else they need to know.

Let’s say you were selling to someone in person. 

They say they’re ready to buy now, would you still make them sit through your 30 minute sales presentation?

Of course not.

But let’s take a different prospect.  This one is interested in what you offer, but knows almost nothing about it.

You need to find out what problems you can help them solve, and share how your product will accomplish this.

You need to answer all the questions they have about it.  You may need to compare it to other options available to them.

And you need to share with them why your offer is a good one to take action on now. 

It’s not about you or how much you want to share.

It’s all about the prospect and where they are in the buying process.

Are they ready to buy now? 

Or are in they in the research phase where they need to know more?

Or perhaps they haven’t even heard of your product before?

Depending on the situation, everyone of those long versus short answers can be correct.  

Change the market and who the customer is…and the answer changes.

The only correct answer is…long enough to make the sale but short enough to keep the target buyer interested.

If you’d like to understand this more…and even more importantly how to apply this principle to your website in your unique market, check out the Total Conversion Code.  It’s only a few weeks till Glenn Livingston and I release this fully training course showing how to improve your conversion, increase your sales, and make more money online in any market.

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