This mistake cost me a LOT of money a couple of years ago.

I wonder how much it is costing you…if you’re making the same mistake.

Here’s what I was doing.

I was running Facebook ads and my landing page offered a free report when visitors joined my list.

After they subscribed, the thank you page asked them to confirm their email and told them what the from address and subject line looked like.

When they opened the email and clicked the confirmation link, they were taken to their free gift on my download page.

They were sent frequent emails that provided them personality, useful but incomplete content, and offers for my initial products.

Did you spot the mistake that cost me at least HALF my profits from these ads?

I wasn’t making an immediate offer on the thank you page or on the download page.

I had fallen for the myth that you should ‘warm prospects’ up first before making the sale. And that is after KNOWING how important it is to strike when the iron is hot from years of experience.

For some reason I thought Facebook users were different. With Google or Bing, people are actively searching for your information and offer.

In Facebook, you’re using interruption marketing where you’re pulling your target audience away from what they’re doing.

Instead of selling the first day, I gave away content and value.

And my results paid the price.

Several clients have done straight split tests of running an immediate offer after opt-in versus warming prospects up by email…and the immediate offer has won each time.

In fact, several clients make right around 50% of their sales on the FIRST day someone joins their list.

Yes, if you’re waiting…you could be burning HALF your money. That’s enough to turn a winning campaign into a loser!

The only reason I would hold off on making an immediate offer is if your front-end offer is higher ticket (such as $500+) and you’re using a very focused ‘launch model’ where you’re building interest and handling objections before you release the offer.

One of the lessons Gary Halbert taught was his Porcupine in Heat theory.

A porcupine may only be in heat for only 8 to 12 hours in an entire year.

During that period they will mate like crazy. The male porcupines go bonkers, get in fights, and literally do anything to take advantage of one short window of opportunity.

When you’re able to attract a prospect’s attention, take advantage of those short window of opportunity.

Go for the sale. Help the client solve their problem. And then move them quickly up your funnel to the next solution you have available.

This is just one of the ways we sabotage our income funnels.

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Getting your funnel right is the secret of success online.

When you earn more per visitor than the competition, traffic is EASY.

You can dominate any traffic source you choose…and affiliates will gladly send visitors to you if you’re paying them well and treating their customers like gold.

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