In the past few months I’ve watched several seasons of the old X-Files TV show on Hulu.

And it got me thinking about how studios keep earning money off a show they produced decades ago.

For example, ‘Friends’ was reportedly earning more than a billion a year from reruns. The main cast members were getting 20 million each as their share from that.

This was before they moved to syndication deals with streaming services like Netflix.

Money keeps coming in.

Disney used to release their films on VHS for a period of time. They’d then put the movie back in the vault to be released again in the future (building scarcity).

Now they profit from those same movies in their Disney+ service.

And they’ve been producing live-action remakes of their popular cartoons.

How are you using reruns to earn more money in your online business?

For example, I frequently reuse emails.

If an email performs well, you could resend the exact same email with a different subject line to everyone who didn’t open the first time.

Reschedule the email again 6 to 12 months now.

In fact, you can reschedule the same email multiple times over the next few years.

Create a full sales sequence of emails.

You can often take the entire series, update the dates, and run it again next year.

Running a new special offer?

Model the last sales sequence you used.

Often you can use some of the content exactly as you used it last time! It’s a waste of time to create the new sequence from scratch!

You can also use the emails you wrote for other forms of content.

Use your email as the rough draft of a video script to use on Facebook or Youtube.

Pull out several quotes from your email as tweets. Put them on an inspiring image background and post them to Instagram.

And don’t just tweet links to your content one time.

When you post to Twitter, link to the content today. Schedule the same content post for next week and next month while you’re there.

Stuck for ideas for new content?

Review some of your old content.

Old becomes new again with a new spin and angle on it.

Those are just a few ways you can earn more from reruns.

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