Experts are hiding some amazing wisdom inside those noggins of theirs.

What if you could access decades of experience…thousands of case studies with clients…and find out the most important step you could implement right now?

And what if it only took you 20 to 60 minutes to do it?

I’ve often been surprised at the golden nuggets which fall out of an expert’s mouth when you interview them correctly.

Correctly is the key word there.

Most interviews are dry and boring. They never get to the meat because the person doing the interview isn’t listening intently. They’re just waiting for the pause to ask their next question.

As simple as it sounds, here is one of the most powerful tricks to getting an expert to reveal her secrets…


Honestly care about the subject.

Listen to the expert.

Ask questions because you want to know the answer.

Become an advocate for your listeners.

I’ve been amazed at times on both sides of an interview. I’ve had a passionate interviewer ask me questions, and I’m surprised by the wisdom and guidance that comes out of my mouth.

Something spilled out of my mouth that I had never quite put into words before.

The interviewer pulled it out of me.

And I’ve also been on the interviewer side asking questions of an expert.

Ask them what influenced them. Encourage them to share stories. Ask them what happened next. Use follow-up questions.

People love it when you show you’re listening to them. Yes, that even applies to experts.

I’ve had experts tell me they got value out the interview…and they were the expert giving the information!

Here is one of the final questions I’d recommend you ask anytime you’re doing an interview, “What is one question I should have asked you, but didn’t?

I love that question, because it gives the expert an opportunity to share from their heart.

Your questions brought all kinds of ideas, steps, and guidance to their mind.

Now you’re simply asking them to share freely. They’re the expert. This kind of question wouldn’t work in the beginning because you needed to get the ball rolling.

Their creative juices had to be activated first.

But once they’re in the zone, and you’ve exhausted everything you know to ask, let them bring up a final golden nugget you wouldn’t have ever captured on your own.

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