You can have ANYTHING you want in life.

The problem is…you can’t have EVERYTHING.

Look at any “master” in their profession.  They focused their time and attention on their craft.

Malcolm Gladwell said in Outliers that the masters spent 10,000 hour learning and perfecting their crafts.  This included artists, musicians, writers, and business leaders.

That’s focused effort.  If you invest 40 hours a week, you’d take 5 years to master the skill.

Of course there’s an additional factor of talent…but why would you choose to beat your head against a wall for 10,000 hours at something you’re not good at?

The real issue for most of us is we’re just not focused enough on any one priority.

We’re all over the place.  In my personal life, I’ve been known to have the hobby-of-the-month.  I don’t stick to any of them long enough to even become even half-way decent at them.

I’m so thankful I was focused when it came to the Internet.

I’ve focused on business strategy, email, and conversion for the majority of my 16 years online.

Here’s what I see many internet business beginners doing.

They jump from business model to business model.  They try some affiliate promotions.  They do a little Adsense.  Maybe set up a blog.  Try Adwords.  It doesn’t work.  Try social media.  It wastes their time.  Jump to video.

They never stay with anything long enough to see success.  Instead they’re doing a little of everything.

When I first came online in 1996, I dedicated myself to business. While I did take off one day a week, I dedicated every other waking minute to doing what it took to succeed.

Don’t listen to those who say it’s easy.  It’s hard work.  It’s easier than delivering pizzas in a blizzard though.  My worst day online is better than my best day delivering pizzas all those years ago.

Here’s something I’ve noticed about my most successful business clients.

While most have a whole collection of skills they’re good at, they almost always excel in at least one or two areas.  They have a sellable skill.

Let’s take my good friend Glenn Livingston.  He is a master of research.  No one knows how to discover the hidden secrets that motivate a market better than him.

Since we worked together on the Conversion Code, he has also become a master of conversion.  Both of those are premium skills he uses and offers as services in his business.

One of my clients is a master copywriter.  He has the fastest zero-to-success speed I’ve seen of less than a month.

Another client is an outstanding speaker.  We put him on webinars constantly.

Still another is a wizard in Adwords.

All three of these use their skills in their business…not as a service to others.  But it is sellable skill.

They know how to run their overall business, but they’re masters are specific elements.

What do all of them have in common?  They master a form of persuasion.

They know how to convert visitors into clicks, leads, and sales.

That’s the required skill to get anything you want online.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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