how to get richWhat happens when your business doesn’t go as planned?

You can get upset about it.  Or you can succeed anyway.

I was reading a book by Dan Kennedy recently (No BS Business Success in the New Economy) and he tells the story of a lady who opened her own muffin and cookie store.

It was her dream.  She worked hard to get the money together to rent what she thought was a great location and to open her doors to the world.

She was already in financial trouble one month later.

The location wasn’t as hot as she thought, and there were other problems going on also.

Luckily, the manager of a supermarket chain stopped in her shop and loved the muffins so much he wanted to order them for their stores. 

This was a huge success and soon required her to have a night shift just producing muffins for these orders.

All the while her own store was a losing proposition.  She shut her doors and moved her baking for the supermarkets to a much lower cost location. 

She had a profitable business, but it wasn’t the one she originally wanted or planned on.

How would you react in this situation?

I’ve worked with several clients who started out as information sellers.  Their goal was to create ebooks and other courses…and they were moderately successful at this.

But they didn’t hit their “big break” until they launched a done-for-you service.  Instead of teaching others how to do PPC for example, they started their own PPC business targeted to a specific niche industry.

What they found in selling their product is that people didn’t want to LEARN it.  They just wanted it done (you’ll find this is true in many niche industries). 

This wasn’t the business they originally imagined at all!  In fact, one of them now has multiple employees at an office he visits a few times a month when his original intention was to never have a single staff member again. 

He loves his business and his life, but the path to success wasn’t what he originally expected.

Another client I’m thinking of failed in the first market he chose online.

For some reason, “Internet marketing” seems to be people’s first choice for their market.

It may be because they’re told to follow their passion, and marketing is what they’re thinking about and passionate about at the time…even though they have no experience in it.

Or it could be because those are the examples you here about – those in the internet marketing field.  Why would someone in bodybuilding for example broadcast how successful they are to an audience of internet marketers?  All they’d do is train up more competitors…raising their own costs of advertising!

But anyway, his original market of “internet marketing” didn’t work for him.  He didn’t really find a unique position to take in this marketplace.  And it wasn’t really his passion.  It was simply a way to make more money. 

I convinced him to go into another market that he had ALREADY had success in previously.  He had knowledge and experience others would pay for.   He just didn’t realize it till then.

Was his time in the internet marketing field a waste?  No way!  He learned skills could use immediately in his new market.  Putting up a website was now easy for him.  He knew how to write autoresponders.  He even had a few contacts he had made which were profitable for the new market.

In another instance I know of, a person had a software programmed for his business.  It was simply designed to help him in his own business.  But he decided to give it a try selling it to others.  It BECAME his most profitable product almost instantly.

None of the above are really accidents.  Nor are they luck.

Instead they’re people taking action, and then being open to a change of plans.

Business online takes place at warp speed.

I have to laugh when experts say make a 10 year business plan.  Your online business will look radically different  in 3 years than what you could ever expect.  If it’s not changing and growing, it’s dying somewhere along the way. 

Get yourself in the right place and the right attitude for these kinds of accidents to happen.

Learn.  Grow.  Multiply. 

And never be married to only one way of doing business as you go forward!

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