One of the most important skills is the ability to listen.

Listen to the market.

What are customers saying?

And I’m not just talking about their words.

What are they saying by their actions? Often that is much more important.

What products or services are they already spending their money on?

You can check Amazon best sellers, affiliate networks like Clickbank and Commission Junction, and websites that dominate the top of Google and Bing pay-per-click networks. If they’re continually paying for the top positions, they’re likely doing something right.

Which products are your own best sellers?

Which promotions and deadlines get customers whipping out their credit cards and buying?

Which emails do they open, click on, and buy from?

I’ve often tested subject lines in my emails…using the winners for other purposes such as product titles.

Even the title of my upcoming book came directly from a series of email subject line tests.

You can learn more by listening to what people do …than you can from what you say.

I like surveys.

I ask for feedback.

Feel free to reply to any of my emails and let me know what you think.

That doesn’t mean I’ll follow your advice though.

You have to know what to listen to and what to put off to the side.

As I mentioned in previous email, anytime you’re confident about your message…you’re going to make a few snowflakes upset.

And just because some people think you shouldn’t mail so often or that you shouldn’t sell in every email doesn’t mean you need to listen to them.

Pay attention first to what people do…then what they say.

You can learn from both, but you can go broke following bad advice without looking at your numbers.

My favorite method for coming up with ideas for my Monthly Mentor Club issues is by listening to my private one-on-one clients (they’re the ones investing with me and growing their business the fastest).

What questions are they asking? What help do they need?

In addition, I pay attention to the questions members in my Club are asking.

If a question keeps coming up about a subject, it’s something I need to cover and provide a step-by-step system for members to follow.

This simple process is how I get so many members telling that it seems like I’m reading their minds in the issues. It’s about what they needed at the time…because it’s what clients and members were working on right now.

The March issue is going to print in a few days. It will be mailed out on March 1st.

It comes directly from a client call where he asked by step-by-step how to create his own paper-and-ink newsletter in his market. I’ve been publishing my paid print newsletter for 10 years now.

I show a complete behind-the-scenes process of how to come up with the ideas, create the letter, and even all the little ‘hidden’ tidbits to earn even more money on the backend.

These methods apply to both physical newsletters like mine and online membership sites.

If you want to get this issue in your hands, join the Monthly Mentor Club before March 1st.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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