It only takes one wrong client to drain your energy.

That’s why it’s vital to attract your ideal clients while repelling the wrong clients. This is especially true in any type of service business like consulting or coaching.

Notice that I called them ‘wrong’ clients, not necessarily ‘bad’ clients.

They’re the wrong client for you and your offer at this time.

In another scenario, with better expectations set upfront, they could be a good client for someone else.

I’ve only dealt with a few wrong clients during my time online.

One client was always in emergency mode. His business was consistently doing around $20,000/monthly net profit at the time, but he had $20,001+ in personal expenses (large mortgage, cars, private schools, etc.).

Each month he’d tell me he didn’t have ‘time’ to work on systems or growing his business for the future. He had to focus on his newest monthly launch because if it didn’t do XYZ, he couldn’t pay his mortgage.

Basically, he ‘invited’ me into his never-ending emergency, stressed out existence.

We soon had to part ways.

During the first few years I had a couple of clients who felt too ‘needy’.

They were constantly worried about moving forward, would second guess decisions we made together, and they sent multiple emails a day asking for advice on different random ideas.

They refused to focus on a direction and stay on track.

These situations were my own fault!

The message you consistently share attracts clients who resonate with it.

If you’re attracting cheap, needy clients who complain about your fees, constantly bug you, and don’t implement, it’s because that’s how you positioned yourself.

I try to repel ‘bus opp seekers’. Just about everyone would like quicker and easier ways to earn more money, but I define ‘bus opp seekers’ as those who want the money without adding additional value to the transaction.

For example, an affiliate may build a Youtube channel by producing engaging videos where they mix stories and useful content while promoting merchants. That’s how they add value.

Your competitive advantage is the message you share and how you add value to at least one segment of your market.

‘Bus opp seekers’ aren’t thinking about their customers and clients. Instead, it’s all about their own wants and needs.

They want fast, easy money even if it means taking unethical shortcuts to get there (true, ethical shortcuts are based on systems that use leverage to deliver more value to a larger audience).

They make horrible clients.

They’re not willing to consistently implement activities required to grow your business. They’re easily distracted by the FOTM (flavor of the month).

They won’t identify a target audience and dig deep in their knowledge of them and their problems.

They’re hoping someone can just ‘fix’ it for them. They need constant hand holding, but they’re never moving forward.

I intentionally send emails that repel these clients.

I talk more about attracting your ideal clients and repeling the wrong ones in the February issue of the Monthly Mentor Club.

It’s called “Mentoring Millions” and contains 23 pages of proven insights from over 15 years helping one-on-one clients.

These strategies aren’t just based in my own coaching program.

I’ve also helped more than a dozen clients set-up their own coaching programs…both one-on-one and group-based programs they could scale.

  • Discover how to increase the number of clients who implement and see results.
  • How to target an affluent buying audience that’s a perfect fit for your coaching.
  • How to repel ‘wrong’ clients that consume your time and energy.
  • 4 secrets that determine the quality of the clients you attract (all within your power)
  • How to charge what your solution is worth (the 2 factors that control price).
  • Why free sessions suck and how to convert clients without them.
  • How to consistently attract your ideal clients.
  • How to scale your coaching program so you earn more in less time.

And that’s just a taste of what is included in this issue. Join the Monthly Mentor Club today and you’ll get this issue mailed out to you on February 1st.

In addition, you’ll get immediate access to dozens of special reports and videos designed to help you earn more, work less, and enjoy life!

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