Global business-to-consumer e-commerce sales will pass the 1 trillion euro ($1.25 trillion) mark by 2013,” according to Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG), a U.K. online retail trade organization.

Internet business is booming!  And that’s just the business-to-consumer side of the equation.

Are you tapping into this growth?

Here’s the mistake I see so many people making today online…

They put up websites.

They do promotions.

They run exciting one-off product launches.

But they’re not building a business.

A business online requires a unique promise, a plan, and systematic action.

As I tell clients, if you’re not growing, you’re dying.

It’s virtually impossible to stay in the same place in a fast moving internet world.

This year is flying by.  What is your plan for 2013?

Have you taken the time to create your business plan for this next year?

What will you do differently in 2013?

Who will you network with?

What new breakthroughs will you put in place?

Time keeps moving.

Where are you now?  Did you accomplish your goals for 2012?

Where will you be at the end of 2013?

Now is the time to make changes that will affect your next year…and the rest of your life.

I don’t speak at many Internet marketing events, but I will be speaking at Michael Penland’s “Internet Marketing Super Seminar” in Orlando on December 7th through December 9th.

Here’s the sales page for the event:

But DON’T register there.  Personally his sales copy is too hypey for my tastes!  You want to be there because of who is speaking.  For example Doberman Dan is a good buddy of mine who rarely shares his money making adventures at any seminar…and Mark Hendricks always delivers awesome advice…along with all the other excellent speakers.

It’s the perfect time to plan your success for 2013.

Here’s the gift I promised at the top of this email.  Michael Penland offered me an insane deal on 12 tickets…and you can attend the entire Orlando event for Free by simply putting down a $97 deposit to reserve your seat (the $97 will be refunded once you’ve attended the full event).

Plus, I’d like to get to know my subscribers better.  So we’ll run a short private session on Saturday just for our group to mastermind and handle any questions you might have about online marketing, conversion, or traffic generation.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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