business opportunityAre you an internet business owner or a business opportunity seeker?

It’s an important question if you want to succeed online.

The majority of us start out looking for a business opportunity, but hopefully move into being a business owner over time.

Business opportunity seekers struggle online, and often wonder why.  They’re looking for a turn-key business that they can just jump in and go with.  It’s kind of like a franchise.  Everything is already done.  The advertising has all been created.  All they have to do is put hard work and effort behind the system…and it works for them.

The problem is that doesn’t work online…at least not anymore.    

WOAH!  I know that may come as a shock, because there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of internet marketing gurus who cater to this mindset.

They package up one of their systems and they sell it as a turn-key way to get started online.  No hassle.  Just click this button and money comes out.

But it doesn’t work like that.

If you copy someone else exactly with no changes, then you’re simply a me-too business.  There is no reason for anyone to buy from you instead of them.

The franchise model works well for local businesses who cater just to their local area, but the moment you come online you’re competing with the world. 

Here’s the big question every business owner asked that separates them from business opportunities…

What is my competitive advantage?

Let’s rephrase that question in a few more ways to make sure it’s 100% clear…

What do we do so well that customers can’t resist telling others about us?

What are we #1 at (and if we’re not #1, how can we specialize until we become #1)?

What are my personal gifts that give me an advantage over all my competitors?

How does our offer stand out in a competitive marketplace?

You can ask the same question in a multitude of ways…but it always comes back to why should customers do business with you instead of the competition.

Think about how important this is.  This means two companies can do the exact same advertising.  They can both spend 20 hours a week going after joint ventures.  They can both put in the EXACT same amount of effort and investment.

One is wildly successful while the other one struggles.

Someone looking for a business opportunity is likely doing a dozen or more things right.  I was in the same position when I was first starting years ago. 

You work hard.   You invest.  You study.  You practice what you learn.  But it never seems to have that breakthrough.

Because the big problem is it doesn’t stand out from the competition.  It looks like everyone else.  It sounds like everyone else.

And as I said, there are a ton of gurus who will cater to this mentality.   People keep buying because they’re looking for the “secret” that gives them the breakthrough.

But it won’t be found in a “new system.”  

Just the right mix of social media, blogging, and search engine optimization is not the solution. 

The solution is found in your competitive advantage. 

Focus on your strategy first.  Then apply the right tactics that work in unison with your strategy.

As I’m writing this, we’re entering 2012.  Will this be the year you break out of just seeking after opportunities and you build a real business that produces profits without you?

It’s all about that strategy…that competitive advantage…that magnetically attracts your customers.

It’s the foundation.  Everything else builds upon this foundation. 

Get your foundation right.  Then build your house (all the tactics such as social media, seo, PPC, etc.).

Ask yourself today…What’s my advantage?

You have one if you look for it.  You have skills.  You have talents.  You have experiences in your background.

You have some advantage.  You simply have to find it and focus on it. 

The odds are against you if you just use a pre-packaged business opp.  You’re operating at a disadvantage. 

It’s like playing at a rigged casino.  Not only are you at a disadvantage, but the rules are stacked against you.

Instead change the rules.  Play the game your way.  And If needed, invent your own game!

Check out the A-to-Z Internet Truthprints which covers how to build your own information empire.

And it all starts with finding your market and unique idea.  We give you the tools and the checklists, but we show you from step one how to develop it as your own business based on your skills and advantages.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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