Internet lessonsMy two closest business partners are Champ and Indy…a german shepherd and a golden retriever. 

Not only do they make great business partners (as long as you don’t mind shedding), they also have a lot they can teach you about business.

1. Focus.

I remember the first time I saw Indy staring at a tree.  He just stood there staring.  Not moving.  His eyes weren’t blinking.  He stared….and stared.

This went on for 10 minutes or more without his head even moving.  Why you may ask?  The squirrel appeared to just be sitting there in the tree looking back at him.  And Indy was waiting.  Maybe he was hopeful it didn’t know he was there or it would fall out or something. 

But the staring continued…until I got bored of watching him.  Who knows how long he stood there?

With Champ…it’s his ball.  I always call it my doggy eye test as I move his tennis ball all over as he turns side to side and watches it with intensity you almost can’t believe.

We need the same element in our online marketing.  Choose a method of advertising…and watch it.  Test it.  Build it.  The dogs know what they want and it’s tough to distract them from it.  Do you have this same intensity in your online business and marketing?

2. Smile.

Indy smiles.  It shocked us the first time we saw it.  He doesn’t just grin like you often see a dog do.  He actually moves his lips so far apart it’s a full smile.  It must be difficult because it often results in a sneeze immediately after.

How often do you smile in your business?  What about when problems occur which are almost inevitable.  Can you keep your composure and your good mood even then?

While many people only talk about their successes, it’s our “failed” tests which really teach us (I have failed in quotation marks because I don’t believe in failures anymore – just tests). 

You have to have a good sense of humor to stay comfortable in this business.

3. Follow your instincts.

Dogs are dogs.  That’s what they are.   That’s how they act.

Even when we treat them like children, buy them toys, and love on them…they’ll still dogs. 

They trust in their instincts.  Do you?  I’ve found that anytime I went against my gut feeling, it caused problems.

Thinking about doing that joint venture, but something just “feels wrong,” it probably is wrong. 

Maybe you feel like Han Solo from Star Wars and say, “I have a bad feeling about this…”

Trust that feeling.  Doing so will save you a lot of heartache in the long run.

4. Do it NOW.

My wife and I have learned there are some words that get instant reactions.  Like WALK. 

Telling the dogs we’re going for a walk in a little while isn’t a good idea.  While we have trained them not to bug us, you’re still going to have a dog staring at you until the mentioned walk occurs.

They do it now.  I’ve also found that the difference between my most successful clients and those who just do OK is speed of implementation.

The extremely successful clients get what you talked about done almost instantly…within a few hours or by the next day or two.

When they have an idea…they test it immediately.  It’s ready – fire – aim.  Try it.  Then refine it.

5. Play hard.

Something I’ve noticed about my dogs is they don’t do ANYTHING without intensity…ever. 

If they play ball, they seriously play ball.  If they wrestle with each other, it results in doggy slams all over the place (luckily we have a nice sized fenced in yard). 

How intense are you in your online work…your play? 

Part of the reason people end up working more and more hours in their business is the intensity drops.  They let deadlines extend out further and the accomplish less in the time available.

It’s similar to walking and sprinting.  You can walk for hours…but you can only sprint for a few minutes at best.  We’re talking intensity.  How intense and focused are you in your online activities?

6. Relax harder.

When the day is over…relax with your family.  Spend time with the ones you love. Work hard.  Play harder.  Have Fun.

Earn More.  Work Less.  Enjoy Life!

Lessons from the dog Internet Focusgolden duck lover

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