I gag a little whenever I hear the term ‘influencer’.

The term is so overused.

Many people who refer to themselves as influencers point to the number of followers they have or how many likes they get on their posts.

You can’t deposit likes in the bank.

It doesn’t matter how large your audience is if they don’t trust you enough to buy what you recommend.

Businesses who hire influencers are getting smarter and tracking their numbers using discount codes and other ways of knowing if their money is well spent.

A good email list is more valuable than social media subscribers, and even your list can be worthless if no one buys from you. An email list of 1,000 can outperform a list of 100,000+. A list of only 100 premium buyers is going to win over the list of 100,000 freebie seekers every time.

Don’t worry about the size of your email list.

Concentrate instead on attracting buyers at a profit.

This applies to social media as well.

Influencers focus on the number of followers.

Leaders focus on building a movement.

They care about their customers and invest time to become experts on their topic as they mix value with entertainment.

They’re not just posting selfies.

They’re inspiring and educating their audience with infotainment.

Here are 3 qualities of those who position themselves as leaders…

#1: They have a vision (going somewhere for others to follow)

Obviously, if you’re going to lead, you have to be going somewhere.

How does your vision of the future differ from what’s available today?

What frustrates you about your market, the current solutions, and how customers are treated in your industry?

#2: Message (build a community around that message)

Put your vision into words.

Clients and I often discuss how to get even more of their customers to implement their advice.

Part of the problem is Identity. You have to help customers see themselves in a new light. You have to change their vision of themselves.

#3: Focus and Consistency (refuse to get knocked off course).

You have a vision of a better world for those in your market.

You have a message that helps your audience move toward that vision…and inspires them to join a community that’s bigger than any one person.

You’re focused and consistent with your message. You’re not wishy-washy, up one day and down the next. Confusion just leads people in circles instead of toward a destination.

Look at those with massive impact in the world today.

They’re bringing value to a large audience and they’re reaping the rewards of that service.

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