list building strategiesHow much is a subscriber worth?

That’s a tough question, because I’ve seen someone with over 100,000 subscribers who barely made $100,000 for the year…and another list owner with not even 2,000 subscribers yet doing close to $500,000 for the year.

That’s a HUGE variation. 

It depends on exactly what the market’s desperate problems are, how much they’re willing to pay to solve those problems, and how well you follow-up on the list.

It also matters where the subscribers come from.

The best subscribers of course are those who have purchased something from you previously.  That’s a buyer’s list and pound for pound is worth 10 times or more your free subscriber list.  But everybody starts on your list are somewhere.

But what’s second best…someone else’s list of buyers of course!

It’s unlikely though that people are standing in line ready to offer you access to their buyer’s list.

So how do we tap into other people’s buyer’s list to build our own list?

It’s through joint ventures and affiliates.  Offer a paid product from your site, and recruit affiliate partners to sell it for you.

In the process you’ll build both a paid buyer’s list and a free subscriber list.

Where to Find Partners

– Search for your niche keywords in the search engines. Who controls the organic search engine traffic for the most competitive words?

– While you’re searching the organic results, look at the sponsored pay per click listing to see who’s paying top dollar for top spots on competitive words.

– Search in niche publications to see who’s consistently paying for advertising. If they keep paying, they must be doing well.

– Search for your keywords to find expert authors in your niche.

– Search and look at the top products in each category – those are the best sellers.

– Search for your main niche keywords along with the word “forum” to discover how has busy forum in your niche. The busier and bigger the forum, the bigger the owner’s “platform” or audience.

– Search for your niche keywords followed by “blog” to find busy blogs (check the comments to see if they are, indeed, interactive and busy).

– Search for those who have newsletters in your niche too. When you find them, join them so you can see what sort of content they provide.

– Look for partners at niche specific trade shows, seminars, conferences, and similar.

How to Convince Them to Promote You

Anyone you want to promote you as an affiliate gets a TON of offers.  You just one needle in a haystack of offers.  So how do you make it stand out?

Make your offer DIFFERENT…by going beyond the call of duty.

1. Make your product unique – this is one of the best ways to stand out on a JV offer is to have a product that’s instantly recognizable as different and unique to the marketplace.  In a competitive market, make an effort to SPECIALIZE your product so it becomes #1 in its class.  You invented your own class!

2. Offer higher commissions than average…such as 100% on the first sale (remember your goal here is to build a list – especially a list of buyers).

3. Offer to write a guest email/guest post on their blog.  Instead of being someone who is just selling, give them something every online marketer desperately wants…more content for their site.

4. Offer to provide a unique thank you page offer that is special for their customers.  They simply take your little ad and post it on their thank you page for their buyers.

5. Create an email follow-up message or series they can add into their autoresponder without any work on their part.

6. Make the initial connection by offering to do something special for them such as design a graphic, create an exclusive video series for their subscribers, etc.  Go beyond the normal.

7. Hold a webinar for their subscribers.  You’ll find some of the highest quality subscribers register for the webinar (so you’ve now built a list) and then you teach and make an offer on the webinar itself to create sales which you split.

Initial Contact With Them

 How do you send your initial contact?  Most people choose email first…and that does work sometimes…especially if you’ve made your offer unique.

But a much more effective way is to begin building the relationship in a much more friendly way.  If they have a blog, begin participating in the comments.  If they have a list get on it, and reply to one of their newsletters.  If they’re at a seminar, speak to them there. 

One of the most interesting contacts I’ve personally received recently was a mini-trash can that is still sitting on my desk.  They had sent other emails and letters, but this is the one that got me to respond. 

That’s right that sent me a trash can in the mail, but it’s only about 4 to 6 inches tall.  In the letter they said that they sent along a trash can in case I wanted to throw away their JV letter.  At this point I had to contact them.  They were persistant and imaginative. 

What can you do to stand out and be seen in your crowded industry?  Sometimes it’s something unique like this.   Just like online, getting attention from the person you want to reach is 90% of the battle!

Other Types of Joint Ventures

The affiliate promotion is only ONE type of joint venture you can put together.  There are dozens of other ways to partner and build your subscriber list.

For example you could trade list mailings.  They mail to their list about your freebie and you mail to yours about theirs. 

But we’re specifically after targeting buyers.  If they own a membership site, offer to produce content for it or participate in an expert interview they can gift to their members.  Or take part in their membership forum if they have one to build relationships with those buyers.

I regularly get requests from people asking if they can use an excerpt of one my products or use one of my blog articles in their product, the answer is almost always a Yes.  I want them to put me in front of their buying audience whenever possible.

I’ve also created numerous products with partners.  We each participate in the product creation, and often we go our separate ways to sell it.  And I’m jumping for joy if one of my partners sells 10,000 copies even if I don’t get a penny from their sales.  That’s 10,000 BUYERS who see my website and other offers. 

People often don’t mention that “extra” benefit that comes in from partnerships. 

Now…what should you do now?  Make a list of potential partners (affiliate or joint venture).  Come up with a unique offer even if it’s a low cost product.  Then begin contacting them. 

You may be wondering how to create the product you’ll have joint venture partners offer to their subscribers.  If so, check out the A-to-Z Internet Truthprints which cover step-by-step how to find a market, create your first product, create your sales piece, and generate traffic.  It covers each step along the way along with providing blueprints and checklists to follow along.

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