It’s almost Halloween.  That means all the costumes, ghosts, and goblins are out.

The haunted houses are in full swing.

Here in central Florida, you can’t turn on the radio without hearing about the scary nightmares Universal Studios and Busch Gardens want to give you.

They’re inviting you in to play with the vampires, zombies, chainsaw murderers, and every other monster they cook up.

And if you come…they will scare you!

Around each corner is another monster ready to jump out at you.

When you’re just starting out online, the Internet can look just like a haunted house.

It’s a scary place.

We even have our own language: ppc, autoresponders, frontend, backend, branding, upsells, etc.

Everywhere you turn, there is something shiny and blinking at you.

You study.  You feel paralyzing fear when you’re about to take action.

It holds you in place.  You can’t seem to open the door and walk through.

When you finally get moving, around the first corner you face the ugliest monster you’ve ever seen.

Its face is oozing green slime with huge teeth and one eyeball about to fall out of socket.

Maybe it’s the website monster you’re facing…getting your first site up and running.

You get past that and you run into another monster around the next corner.

Maybe this one is learning to manage your email follow-up system.

By now, you know something’s waiting for you around the next corner…but you’re not sure what it is.

It scares you from the opposite direction this time!

With one scare after another, have you ever wondered why people keep going back to haunted houses?

It’s the thrill.  It’s the adventure.  It’s the excitement.

I’ve coached both beginners and multi-million dollar online entrepreneurs.

Both experience fears.  Those fears change and don’t seem as bad, but they’re still there.

For the beginner it’s the fear of sending out that first offer.  Will anyone respond?

For the experienced it may be the fear of changing the offer.  Will it work better than before?

You will always have challenges from day 1 to day 21,900.    

If the obstacles transform into stress, you won’t age well in this business.

Those who succeed turn the fear around into the thrilling adventure.

How are you dealing with the challenges?

How are you dealing with the fear when it comes up?

It will come.

Will it paralyze you into inaction and wreck your mind?

Or will you turn it around and face it, enjoy the journey, and make a difference in your world?

Too many Internet gurus say internet marketing is “easy.”

It’s easier than delivering pizzas in a blizzard.  There’s no doubt about that.

But it may be even more scary at times…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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