Back when I was a teenager, I remember trying to fit in.

Groupthink is a major influence when you’re young. You don’t want to get stuck on the outside.

You end up with all these little cliques in high school: jocks, cheerleaders, gamers, clowns, cool kids, gangsters, stoners, nerds, etc.

You even have the rebellious kids who rebel against all those cliques by hanging out together, wearing the same clothes, and doing the same things.

Then we grow up.

Cliques don’t disappear. They just change.

Everyone is trying to find their identity.

They’re looking for a group they can plug into…and finally fit in.

Understanding that reality is a major key to your success as an entrepreneur.

First of all, you have to identify it in your own nature.

You have a natural instinct to fit in.

But if you simply fit in…and do what everyone else in your market does…you’ll get the same depressing results as everyone else in your market.

Have you ever noticed how the majority of accountants dress the same way, run the same ads, and get similar results?

They run ‘safe’ ads that won’t ruffle any feathers, giving their clients no way to choose them over the competition other than price and that they kind of like them.

If they want to attract a higher volume of high-quality clients, they’re going to have to do things differently. They’ll have to stand out…and might not be accepted at the other accountant’s pity-parties anymore.

If you play it safe and do the same things as everyone else in your market…your customers will see you as just another commodity competing on price.

You have to break-free from that instinct to fit-in…and start ‘sticking out’ in your market by saying different things.

What is your contrarian message?

What is no else in your market talking about…even though the audience is already thinking it?

And that leads us to the second aspect of this truth.

Your audience is also trying to fit in.

They’ll looking for someone who can give voice to things they’ve been thinking already.

They want to follow someone who can help them achieve the adventurous life they’re dreaming of.

You need to become a leader of a new clique in your industry based on shared vision and goals.

In my last email I called it a cult.

In this email I compared it to a high school clique.

In my Autoresponder Alchemy course, I show how to accomplish it by becoming a super hero.

You can position yourself as the only obvious choice for your audience.

And you can drill it home again and again as a subtle undercurrent many won’t ever even notice.

But it’s one of the most powerful factors that determines your success and your income online.

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