What is the next step in your funnel?

Everything you do should be leading somewhere.

If you give away a freebie on your website, it’s NOT just to entice people to subscribe to your list.

Sure, that’s one of your goals.

But the lead magnet should also be leading people toward one of your core offers.

For example, I’ve given away an issue about email marketing from my Monthly Mentor Club for years.

This attracts an audience which is interested in my Autoresponder Alchemy course while at the same time letting them know about my club.

We’re going somewhere.

Each email you send should be a part of the overall system.

For example, you want to share your origin story in an initial email autoresponder sequence. How did you get started in this business?

You’ll also send out emails that give contrarian advice that demonstrates why you’re different from the competition…while at the same time handling some of the most common objections to your offer.

Your front-end product should overdeliver on everything you promise. At the same time, it can become a bridge to your backend offer. You could insert teasers in the product about what you offer on the backend. You could mention it or reference it. You’ll building a bridge to your backend.

It’s tough to be in any business without a backend.

When a company sells a razor to a customer, they’re building in a natural bridge to all the blades they’ll sell over the lifetime of the customer.

When a customer buys an Xbox or a PS4, Microsoft and Sony aren’t limited just to the sale of the console. They’re getting licensing fees from all the games customers buy.

Even movies have gotten in on the game. How many movies have you seen lately who were already planning a Part 2 before the first one was even released?

Disney is a master of this. Look what they have done with all their Marvel movies.

They have a whole timeline. They drop little references across the movies and even in their TV shows.

They always know where they’re going next in their funnel.

You can do the same thing in your business. Each of your emails is leading somewhere.

Your frontend product can include references to your backend.

You can mention your continuity club throughout your other products.

You may include a list of resources, some of which pay you an affiliate commission.

You offer high-end consulting or coaching, and make mentions of your clients as case studies in your products.

Everything can be a connected web that links one offer to the next.

This doesn’t give you an excuse not to fulfill on your promises. In fact, one of the reasons you want to overdeliver on any promise you make is because you have a backend in place.

The happy customer is the one who will continue into your other offers.

Look at each step in your business. Does it include a bridge to the next step? Are you always giving value while moving a customer forward?

If not, what ONE change could you make today to your funnel today? It could be as simple as adding an additional bonus to your frontend that connects it to the backend.

Autoresponder Alchemy isn’t just a set of 80 proven email templates you can model.

That’s what customers want which is why I talk the most about it.

The most valuable part of the course is when you follow my system to find your voice and connect each aspect of your business into one big profit web.

It’s about becoming STRATEGIC in everything you do…and turning one time customers into lifetime clients.

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