In our last post we talked about the 3 ways to grow a business:

1. Attract more customers

2. Improve average transaction value.

3. Increase frequency of purchase.

What if you could accomplish all 3 with just one strategy?


As you know, I work with 20 one-on-one clients in radically different markets (from b2b to health to teaching foreign language and so on).

This means I get to the privilege of looking under the hood of successful online businesses every week.

It’s easy to spot trends of what is working for 6 figure, 7 figure, and up clients.

Almost all of them…in all these different markets…has a continuity program.

Some have traditional membership sites priced at $29.95 to $99 per month.

Others do print newsletters like mine.

Those who sell physical products have autoship programs in place.

Then you have the next level up of one-on-one or group coaching programs.

I rarely take one-off coaching projects. And when I do, they’re for medium size to larger companies who need the private time to create their strategy or boost their conversion.

My coaching is done as a monthly continuity. Clients join…and stay for months and often years. I have a couple of clients who have been with me EVERY month since 2006 when I first offered this program.

Their business are still profiting and growing.

Several of my clients have programs like this or group based programs with a similar set-up.

And then there are the highest level continuity programs…full done-for-you services.

For example, a couple of clients run complete SEO/PPC/Social media services for a niche industry.

They charge premium prices in the thousands each month for the services…and take care of everything for their clients.

You might say, “I don’t want a service business, because I don’t want to trade time for dollars.”

That’s a limiting mindset.

One of my clients currently earns a high six figure income. He has 4 full-time employees and growing quickly with a couple of more coming on staff soon.

He invests less than 20 hours a month maximum in his full-service business.

Yes, I said 20 hours PER MONTH…not per week. And most months now are considerably less.

It’s all about putting systems in place…and quality staff to make them work.

He invested time to grow the business, put systems in place, and find good staff, but now it is growing without his involvement.

He definitely is earning more, working less, and enjoying life!

I just included 4 ways to create consistent and reliable monthly income in your business:

– Membership sites and newsletters
– Autoship programs for physical products
– Coaching programs
– Done-For-You Services

Which one will you put in place?

You might say, “But aren’t continuity programs tougher to sell?”

They could be, but that’s not a problem once you tap into the hidden conversion techniques shared in the Monthly Mentor Club.

The first bonus alone shows how to spot conversion ‘cracks’ on your website and tap into 7 uncommon ways to dramatically boost your website profits in the next two hours.

You get it just for giving the club a try…

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