The secret to wealth is actually pretty simple.

Notice I didn’t say it was easy. I said it was simple!

Live below your means and invest a portion of your income in assets that generate money for you automatically.

You can then reinvest the profits from those assets into more and more passive income over time.

Great real estate investors are masters of this.

They hunt for undervalued homes they can fix up and either flip for an immediate profit or rent out for ongoing cash flow.

I’ve networked with a lot of real estate investors, and a common saying among them is, “You make your money when you buy, not when you sell.”

The quickest way to get burned in that market is to overpay and rely on your home appreciation. If the values go up, great, but don’t stake your life on it.

Long-term winners in real estate only buy deals where the numbers work right now. By only buying the best deals, they’re making their money when they buy.

They keep adding to an ever-growing portfolio of homes with positive monthly cash flow.

While I have some investments in real estate, primarily in crowdfunding at the moment, I have much more experience in stocks and index funds.

But no investment comes close to the kind of return you can generate from online marketing.

I’ve seen clients go from $0 to $10,000 in a few months. I’ve seen others double or triple an already successful business almost overnight.

Little changes can create immense leverage online. Eliminating a ‘conversion crack’ in your system can instantly make everything else you do more profitable.

Of course, not everyone succeeds online. The average person buys a few products but doesn’t implement them. Maybe they put up a website, but nobody visits.

They give up because there is no ‘easy’ button.

As I said in the beginning of this, it is simple but it’s not easy.

Online you have to focus on the audience first.

Attract a hungry buying audience.

Get them on a list.

Make offers.

The key here is focus. It’s easy to get distracted by all the shiny objects online.

That’s why I’m running a webinar for my Monthly Mentor Club members this Friday, March 18th, at 12 noon Eastern Time.

My favorite businesses are in information publishing, consulting, and coaching, but those can be overwhelming for someone just starting out.

So I’m going to give you a step-by-step system for getting to $1,000/month or more with affiliate programs.

That’s right. You don’t need any of your own products to get started.

Instead, focus on the audience.

Concentrate on generating a consistent income first. Then if you choose, you can also expand out into your own products and services with that same audience.

If you can’t make the webinar, it will be recorded and made available for download inside the membership area by the next day.

I’m going to be revealing a few unique strategies for maximizing your income that work no matter whether you’re offering affiliate programs…or something you personally control.

Of course you also get access to all the other bonuses inside the Monthly Mentor Club.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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