I don’t do unscheduled calls.

In other words, someone can’t just call me and expect I’m going to answer.

There are times I don’t even answer when my wife calls. That sounds rude, but if I’m writing in the zone, I’m not going to stop…and she knows how to text too.

I do calls with clients, but they paid for access in advance and I usually know what we’re going to discuss.

So, as you probably expect, I don’t do free discovery calls. I have done a few free scheduled calls with referrals from other clients, but they had to know what I do, how much I charge, and send over required info in advance. Since they were a referral, it was usually just a question of whether I wanted to work with them or not.

I do recommend free calls to someone starting out with consulting or coaching though. It can be a great way to get to know the audience and demonstrate your expertise.

But eventually you want to move past free calls once you’re generating enough lead. Charge for consultations, even discovery ones.

A refundable consultation fee can be a great way to sift leads and only speak to the most qualified, potential clients. You can credit the fee toward your consulting services if you decide to move forward together.

Back to how I attract clients without doing calls…

It’s simple really and it shouldn’t come as a surprise.


Sending consistent emails attracts your ideal clients while repelling those you don’t want to work with.

Tell your origin story, how you originally got started in what you do.

Share case studies about how you’ve helped clients.

Demonstrate your expertise by including useful but incomplete tips in every email.

Mention your scarcity. Obviously working with you directly is limited. Even group-based programs are limited if you provide personal help to members. Regular, ongoing emails are the perfect opportunity to mention limited slots that open up.

Talk about your pricing upfront instead of hiding it to spring it on someone at the end of a gotcha call.

Don’t treat price like it’s something to be ashamed of. If you’re ashamed of it, maybe you need to rethink your pricing. Either you’re charging too much or you haven’t sold yourself on the benefits you can deliver your clients!

Price is a qualifier in itself. If someone isn’t ready to work with you yet, they might as well know that upfront rather than wasting time for both of you.

Good, personality-filled emails build a bond with your readers.

They have a sense of already knowing you…whether you ever speak directly with each other or not.

I’ve consistently sold out my coaching for over a decade with emails and a sales page with order buttons.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get on the phone (or on Zoom) with people if you want. But if you do your emails right, they’re already sold in advance. The call is just about details.

The same system I teach in Autoresponder Alchemy works for consultants and coaches just like it does for authors, course creators, and ecommerce businesses.

You get my step-by-step system for writing emails that sell.

And you get 80 ready-to-model templates that make the writing process easier.

Discover how to build your brand authority…no matter what market you’re in or what you offer.

Make yourself the only obvious choice for your ideal clients…

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