I’m going to make a political prediction for the US election this year…

No, I’m not going to pick a winner, because there are a lot of variables still out there with an election still 5 months away…and this election is crazy.

But here’s what I can predict with almost 100% confidence…

Half the country will HATE our next president.”

And we’re not just talking about a general dislike. The 2 major candidates each have a large portion of the country who have a passionate hatred toward them.

Emotions are high.

And while a portion of this hatred is because of who the two candidates are personally, the even bigger issue that’s not going away soon is how politically divided the US is now.

While some people predicted the Internet would bring people together for a ‘free flow’ of ideas, it’s actually done almost the exact opposite.

It’s very easy to surround yourself with only those who think like you.

You can organize your news feeds so you only hear the voices you want to hear while blocking out the others.

I definitely do this…to a point.

The Internet is separating us up into our own individual little worlds.

Some people are so cocooned in their little world that college campuses talk about ‘Safe Spaces’ and ‘Trigger Warnings.’

People are hiding from words and scary ideas that could make someone uncomfortable!

That’s an impossible mission that can only lead to ridiculous results.

The truth is that just about ANYTHING you say could offend someone who is looking to be offended.

That’s why I’ve been talking a lot lately about getting to know your audience.

You’re not speaking to everyone.

Your email list shouldn’t be a Safe Space for those who don’t identify with your message.

I’m not nearly as aggressive in my emails as many in the entrepreneur space are, because it’s NOT my personality.

That’s the key.

You want to share who you are with your list.

Don’t try to copy me. And don’t try to copy your favorite guru, whoever they may be.

Be yourself.

Be a bold version of yourself with a message you want to share from the rooftops.

You can model others. You can follow examples they share with you.

But modeling is quite a bit different than copying.

A good email comes from you directly.

You reach inside yourself and pull out something that it’s important to you personally.

And you connect it with who your audience is…attracting the right customers for you.

You don’t need half the world to like you.

As a small business owner, you only need a tiny little sliver of the population.

You only need a portion of a niche market to connect with your message.

So be yourself. Be a voice instead of a parrot.

I share templates you can model to get started in Autoresponder Alchemy.

But my course goes way beyond giving you templates to help you find your voice. I also show you how to research your audience, figure out your message, and begin sharing it from who you are inside.

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Terry Dean

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