Creating a membership site is one of the best ways to create ongoing, passive income in your business.

Imagine starting each month already knowing you have more than enough money coming in even if you don’t make a single new sale this month.

All your overhead and personal lifestyle expenses are already paid for by your membership site.

But coming up with all the content can be tough on an indefinite basis.

There are some pretty cool tricks for coming up with all that content…as I’ve now published the Monthly Mentor Club for over 9 years.

But today I want to give you one weird trick that makes creating a membership site even easier.

You don’t have to create a membership site that goes on indefinitely.

Instead, you could create a fixed term membership site.

This is a membership site where the customer receives content dripped out to month-by-month or week-by-week.

This eliminates the overwhelm many members feel when they drop into a new site and receive access to years’ worth of material all at once.

And it keeps them hooked as you deliver each new module.

Of course the biggest benefit to you is that it becomes easier to create the content. You decide on the end goal which could be helping them write winning web copy, speak French, improve their golf game, or create a fit, sexy body.

Then you map out the system step-by-step and deliver content at regular intervals to help them reach that goal. You’ll bill them monthly but you could deliver the content either monthly or on a weekly basis.

With a definite end point for the membership, you won’t struggle with what content to create. You can put together your step-by-step system and every new member will start at module one.

Each of your lessons builds on the one directly before it…establishing a foundation and then taking them through each step in the process.

While some members last for years (I have some members who have been in my club since the first month), the average retention rate in most memberships is in the 3 to 6 month range.

You can tap into a large portion of the potential profits with a 12 month fixed term continuity.

And you could continue on past this by offering them an Advanced version next if you choose.

Plus there’s one more secret about why this technique is effective for ongoing monthly income.

You can get started by just putting together the first month or two of content. Promote your membership and start making money.

Now you’ll be on a deadline to finish up each additional module. Since money is already coming in, you’ll be much more motivated to get the work done.

Of course, this isn’t the only way to do a profitable membership site.

Tomorrow, April 22nd, I’ll be holding a webinar on membership sites and how to maximize your profits from them inside the Monthly Mentor Club.


– How to come up with membership ideas that attract hungry buyers
– Easy ways to put together the content for your membership site
– How to set-up and automate membership sites using WordPress
– How to automate collection of monthly payments for your site
– The #1 way to promote and grow your membership site
– And the secret to DOUBLING the amount you earn from each member of your site

Join the Monthly Mentor Club today.

The webinar will be at 12 noon Eastern Time, but will also be recorded with a downloadable version inside the webinar area by Saturday morning at the latest…and will come with a PDF version of my notes.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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