scared to deathIt happened June 3rd.  I was on Highway 41 going to the dentist for a cleaning. 

I stopped at a red light in front of Winn Dixie.    Right as the light was changing green, all of a sudden I’m staring straight at a pole that was on the side of the road just a few moments before.

I immediately swerved to the right and headed down the grassy hill, bouncing all over the place.  I kept from hitting anything and eventually stopped as I pulled back up toward the road.

It all happened so fast I didn’t even realize what happened till I stopped.  Someone had hit my vehicle in the rear end going 50+ mph without hitting brakes, screeching, or giving any clue of what was about to happen.

Their cadillac was sitting there at the light with the frontend completely smashed up.  The rear end of my vehicle was falling apart, with pieces all over the grass from the path I took.  The driver’s seat in my Escape had broken and fallen all the way back.  And my neck hurt….a little.

Ambulance shows up.  Police show up.  Do all their checks and reports. 

Later on in the day of course I feel much worse and go to a urgent care to get all the xrays, the whole shebang done.  Luckily no fractures.   I experienced some dizzy spells over the next week and a lot of neck and back pain.

I’m still going to a chiropractor to make sure I recover fully, and the majority of it is gone now. 

Not a good week so far…

Just 5 days later my wife gave me a scare.

She had laparoscopic surgery in her abdomen which shouldn’t have been that big of a deal.  Except that her vitals dropped to freaky levels during the surgery and for about an hour after.  Then she had severe breathing problems for the rest of the day.  She was only supposed to be there for a few hours, but ended up being there all day.

Watching your wife not able to breathe is painful.   

Two scary experiences in one week. 

Our Escape was totaled in the first accident.  The insurance paid and we bought new one.  The almost unbelievable happened. 

I was rear ended again at a stop sign one day after we picked up the new vehicle.   It was a much lighter accident with over $1,300 rear end damage that has already been repaired. 

Hmmm…come to think of it I’m glad June is OVER.

I didn’t tell you the above to complain.  In fact I thank God that everything turned out OK.  I will recover from the accident and my wife made it through.  I’m thankful because things could have turned out much worse. 

It wasn’t really a bad week after all, just a scary one. 

But it does make you think…

Are you living the life you want?

Ask yourself what you have to change today to live the life you want. 

Don’t wait until you’re older to enjoy your life.  Enjoy the little things now, because you don’t know everything that is coming in the future.

Be thankful for what you have today.  And live life on your terms now.

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