Mark HendricksThis is a very special opportunity for you….which I’m sure you’ll appreciate if you take advantage of it.

I’m speaking at an exclusive event, April 22- 25 in Orlando, Florida.   

It’s put together by someone I’ve personally known and respected for years.  In fact I raved about the last seminar he put on – and how focused it was as a workshop where attendees actually worked on their products instead of being just a seminar where you sit and listen.

The majority of seminars are pitchathons where you sit through one rags-to-riches success story after another – and each one offers you their product for $1,000 and up. 

Mark Hendricks’ events are workshops.  You’re taught specific steps to follow.  Then you work on those steps and put them into action WHILE at the event. 

This is your opportunity to experience this kind of workshop first hand, instead of just reading about it. 

There are two options available this time:

#1 – a Free One-Day Workshop on April 22
The Nuts and Bolts Of Internet Business Workshop

This is a full day roll up you sleeves and get things done workshop on the technology side of having an internet business, plus some great networking throughout the day and into the evening.


2 – The full Conference Workshop April 22-25
(including the Nuts and Bolts Workshop too) 
You save $200 off the regular price from using my link. 

This is the full conference workshop.

I will be speaking at the event and participating much of the weekend, along with some very sharp speakers (some you may know, others may be new to you) and very sharp attendees (this group is one of the tops in its class).

Here’s a link to visit where you can get full details on both, and be sure to signup now because the hotel room block is about to expire and the room rates will go up, if you can even get a room after that (it’s a busy time in Orlando):

I’m looking forward to providing you with some great new business ideas (and helping set you on the right path to online profits).  Plus I always enjoy the personal time I get to spend with attendees at an event like this.  The attendees at Mark’s events are top notch people to mastermind and associate with.

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Terry Dean

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