I was recently asked on a podcast about who my heroes were growing up.

The question surprised me, and I would have loved to give the ‘pat’ answer it seems everyone likes to give.

They’re inspired by one of their family members, a teacher, an athlete, or a famous business person.

But none of those fit me. Sure, I had great parents and family members, but I wouldn’t have called any of them my hero.

I was a nerd.

Spiderman was my hero.

I have a photo of me with him when I was 8 years old.

Imagine how much money those issues would be worth now if I had kept them! But eventually I grew ‘too cool’ for Spiderman. Now I just have the hardback omnibuses.

I identified with Peter Parker.

You had these other ultra-powerful heroes like Hulk, Thor, or Superman.

And you had billionaires like Batman or Ironman.

But Spiderman was an everyday teenager.

He was Peter Parker even more than he was Spiderman.

His story wasn’t defined as much by his fights with the super-villains.

Instead it was about normal teen problems…like being picked on by bullies, trying to talk to girls, and worried about disappointing his Aunt May.

Even when he saved the city, he was still unpopular and treated like a villain.

His boss is a jerk, underpays him, and continually takes advantage of him.

He had internal conflicts and moments where he just wanted to give it all up, but he always did the right thing in the end.

All heroes are meant to inspire you, but Spiderman’s stories were about more than the heroics.

He’d fail. Get back up. Dust himself off. And crack a joke about it.

His stories gave you a peek inside of Peter Parker’s daily life.

And that’s where we get to his secrets of sexy emails.

You can give value in your emails.

But you need more.

You need to make a connection with your reader.

Identify with them. Share something from your own life.

Be open. Let them know that you’ve been through the same or similar struggles they’re going through.

Be willing to laugh at yourself.

And be someone who inspires them!


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