Productivity MonsterDo you ever have trouble being productive in your internet business?

If so, join the club.

The Internet Lifestyle is awesome!  You work when you want without a boss looking over your shoulder and telling you what to do.  That’s also it’s primary weakness.

There’s no one looking over your shoulder telling you what to do.

We finally have freedom in our business, but that freedom does come with a cost.

It means you have to discipline yourself to take the daily actions required to grow your business.

This includes creating content, offers, and plans to benefit your customers.

It includes building your lists and your audience.

It includes driving traffic to your websites.

All activities you’re responsible for…whether you’re doing them or managing outsourced workers doing them for you.

It all comes back to you.  If you’re not productive, the entire system eventually shuts down.

Our biggest benefit is also the monster that eats productivity if you let it…FREEDOM and CHOICE.

If you use that FREEDOM to waste time…or just as bad to sit around each CHOOSING what to do, then you’re losing out on a majority of the time which could build your business.

It all comes down to simple systems.

Most of the time when we’re talking about systems, we’re creating them for team members or to outsource work.

BUT you need systems to follow in your OWN work.

For example, just in posting new articles to your blog, you may put together simple checklist systems to speed your work including such items as:

1. Coming up with keyword phrase lists for seo.

2. Choosing which phrase to write about and a title for your post (a system to let you choose from templates you’ve created).

3. How to organize and outline the post (several options you have prepared). 

4. Specific time of the day you focus in and write without distractions.

5. How you post it, choose a cateogory, add tags, etc.

6. Send it out to your list.

Each of those could be a separate system you have written down and follow to get the work done quickly. 

You may say, “This sounds kind of robotic and doesn’t allow creativity!”

I disagree.  It provides structure.  It provides direction.  And it eliminates the wasted time from trying to choose what to do.

You’ll find those who are most productive and often most creative have systems they follow to accomplish their work…even if they don’t have them all written down.

I first realized this when I was working on a piece of ad copy for one of my projects.  We think we’re just in a creative zone for this type of project, but I do follow a clear system.  I do my research and ask myself the same questions each time.  I scan through headline idea files the same way each time.  I write numerous headlines and then refine them. 

The process is systematic.

And that’s the beauty in our businesses.  Anything and everything we do can be organized into systems and actions…And the most productive people are those who have a daily plan.

The Freedom we have in business isn’t a license to do whatever you want randomly.  It’s freedom to organize your day and your systems the way you want.

And it’s freedom to do things your way.  I don’t think I’ve ever purchased an information product and followed every single thing they said to the letter.  I just haven’t.  I’ve always modified their techniques and their systems to fit my lifestyle, my skills, and my goals.  But they gave me the BASIS of a system to follow.

Then as you grow, you can outsource more and more of your systems to others who work with you.

What systems have you outlined in your business?  Which ones are you following?  Which regular projects do you NOT have a system for yet? 

Here’s today’s action step.  Choose a regular activity in your business.  Write up a simple checklist along with KEY actions, notes, and what to watch out for.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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