perfect marketing planDo you ever get confused with all the shiny objects, traffic generation possibilities, and the  advice given to you online?

If so, join the crowd.

The number one problem online today is overwhelm.  There is too much conflicting information.  There are too many systems.  And there is too much to get done!

This causes many beginners (and even intermediates) to continually look for the perfect solution for their situation.

Maybe one day they’ll find the traffic solution that beats everything else out there. 

At least that’s the hope.

The “hot thing” this week may be Facebook advertising.  Then it’s a low cost PPC solution.  Then it’s video.  Have you ever noticed how the top gurus continually cycle through the main traffic generation topics?  It’s almost like a yearly trend that changes each week.

The reality is there isn’t a single one-size-fits-all traffic solution.

It doesn’t exist.

Because there are major factors that affect just how well any specific traffic techniques work for you and your business:

1) Unique Market You’re In

2) Your Own Personality and Skills

3) Your Budget

Let’s cover each of these in order:

1) Unique Market

Your business is unique.

Ask most top marketing gurus and they’ll tell you everybody’s business is the same and all customers are the same.  They use this cliche to explain why their simple plan works in any business…

It would be wonderful if this was true, but it’s not. 

Even in the same overall market, you might find one website appeals to the general audience while another one appeals to a more affluent audience. 

A b-to-b buyer has the same basic emotions as a consumer, but the process they use to make a buying decision is different. 

Is selling a $25,000 executive consulting program exactly the same as selling a $27 ebook on weight loss?

No.  it’s not the same no matter what people will tell you to the contrary.

The more specialized the audience and the higher ticket the offer…the more you have to work on targeting with a tighter bulls-eye.

I have clients who sell in all types of different markets, and it often surprises people when I tell them many of my clients now move off the internet in addition to their online marketing.

We find it much easier to target some industries by advertising in their offline journals or direct mailing a tight niche list than using PPC, SEO, PPV, or any combination of social media.

In fact, here’s my normal approach for most b-to-b industries.  We do Adwords for our initial tests to find what keyword phrases are working and how our website is performing.  While we’re finding the strong buyer keywords, we’re building out a content based site (often a blog) for seo.  Then once we know we can convert, we move to jv relationships and offline marketing such as journals in the industry.

No matter what market you’re in, the goal isn’t just to “get traffic.”  It’s to tap into the best sources of buying traffic.  And the best sources may vary depending on what market you’re in and how they come to a buying decision. 

2) Your Own Personality and Skills

Do you love to pour over the numbers and find the winning combination?

That’s what’s required if you going to profit from PPC.  You’ll find that we constantly look at improving the CTR, the landing page conversion, and the sales conversion…all three steps throughout the process.

If you hate looking for small improvements in each of these numbers, then it’s not the right method for you. 

And of course we can’t forget to mention keyword phrases, match types, time of day, etc.

Maybe you’re better suited for contacting potential jv partners and affiliates, networking with them, and helping them create successful promotions. 

Or perhaps you’re the mastermind, sitting in the back coming up with your complete content marketing plan and schedule focusing heavily on seo and social media while you hire writers to do the content creation.

You don’t have to do it all.  And you can’t do it all.

You just have to find the right mix that works with your skills. 

I didn’t realize that when I first started coaching entrepreneurs.  I thought if we just gave someone the exact system that worked for someone else in the market, it would work for them.

Not always.  Because not only is your market unique, you are too.

Which type of marketing are you willing to stick to even if things don’t go your way at first?  Which type of marketing do you ENJOY doing so it’s not just a job to you?  Which type of marketing do you understand?

Those are all important questions to answer before you find your mix.

3) Your Budget

What level of investment can you afford?

Will you invest time or money (or possibly both)?

For example, if your goal is seo, can you invest the time it takes to produce good content and start getting rankings that drive traffic?  What if it takes 3 to 6 months or more to get a decent amount of traffic?

Or if you’re going for PPC in a competitive market, you might find that $1,500 budget you have is eaten up within days without even enough tests to see if your landing page is working.  

I’ve done research in markets before where I found the leader in the market was willing to lose $75+ on every new customer because they had a venture capital backer and were planning to make it up in the backend. 

That makes it important to understand whose model you’re following?  Following the leader in your industry could be an expensive experiment.

How much money can you invest in marketing?

How much time weekly can you invest in marketing?

How long do you have until you must see results?

All three of these questions are vital to finding your real budget and available investment.

Create Your Plan

Consider all 3 of these components when creating your online marketing plan. 

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