internet marketersHave you ever seen a dog chase its own tail?

When I was a kid, I had a dog that did that. It was so funny that we’d often tease him by reaching around and waving his tail at him. He’d jump after it and the chase was on. Eventually he’d catch it and yank himself over on the ground…looking around with a ‘what happened’ look on his face.

Ok, we won’t go into why I had such a sadistic enjoyment out of this as a child.

But that’s how a MAJORITY of internet marketers today would look to someone outside the field.

They’re simply chasing their own tails.

Someone teases them with a new strategy they haven’t tried before…and they promise cheap or even free leads and subscribers.

The chase is on.

Until they get distracted by the next opportunity…it’s an even better and easier way to generate free leads.

Who could resist such an opportunity…especially when it’s likely only available for the next 30 days before it becomes too competitive too?

And there they go again after their own tail.

One of these days…they’ll catch it. Instead, they fall right on the rump.

It didn’t work for them. They try the next technique and it doesn’t work either. And they keep trying.

Name any internet technique and I could find you people who claim it doesn’t work for them.

Whether it’s blogging, seo, solo emails, Facebook, Adwords, Bing, banners, CPV, etc., there are people profiting hand over fist from it…and more who fell flat on their face with it.

Success and failure comes back to having the right strategy, no matter what specific techniques you use.

You ALWAYS focus on the audience first. What are their desires? As small businesses, we can’t afford to create desire in a marketplace. All we can do is channel a desire that already exists toward what we offer.

What do they already desire? What are they already buying? And what else are they asking for?

Dig deep here about who you’re targeting. How old are they? What do they do for a living? What else are they buying? Are they male or female?

If you sell to everyone, you sell to no one online.

Trying to sell to everyone is like trying to please everyone. No one is happy. And no one buys.

Focus on building a system just for them. Create content that entertains and educates them. Give a gift that gets them on your list. Gently lead them to making a good buying decision from what you offer.

And then continue to provide support and additional resources to help them reach their goals.

If your marketing isn’t working, don’t just blame the source of advertising. Perhaps you haven’t clarified your audience well enough (or perhaps you may even need to segment your audience out into different sites and lists).

Or perhaps your offer isn’t clear. Why is your offer the best choice to fulfill their desires? Why is better than anything else available to them right now?

What about your message? Is it unique? Is it attention grabbing? Is it consistent? And are you a voice shouting contrarian advice from the rooftops?

You need to have such a clear message that you almost can’t stand it. You should almost be screaming, “Why isn’t anyone else saying this?”

That’s how you grab attention.

How much time have you spent in the past year concentrating on understanding your audience, perfecting your offer, and clarifying your message?

And how much time have you spent in the chasing of your tail, oops sorry, I meant chasing the new hot technique of the week?

At times we can all forget how important this is…so let this be a wake-up call.

Whenever it’s not working (whatever “it” is for you), go back to the basics of audience, offer, and message.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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