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Here’s a little secret.  It works even better if you’re NOT a writer (and I’m not referring to video).

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Here’s one of the questions which has come in recently…

“Is long copy right for every product or offer?”

I understand why they ask the question, because there’s a common copywriting phrase that says long copy always outpulls short copy.

It’s not true…at least not anymore. 

Often short copy is a MUCH BETTER solution especially in today’s frantic, high speed internet world. 

 The Internet has changed our brain patterns.

  If you’ve been online for a few years, you’ve likely already noticed:

– It’s harder to concentrate and focus for long periods.

– You’re much quicker at scanning.

– You feel more rushed online and in your daily life.

Marketing is different today.

The length of your copy is determined by exactly where your prospects are on the buying continum…which is fully explained in the Total Conversion Code:

And yes, that site is long copy…because of where the visitors are in the buying process right now.  There is a short version of it also (which is being seen by those in the right point for it).  

Here’s another quick tip… 

Consistent, entertaining, and informative follow-up content blows away the one shot sale.

In many markets, you simply can’t compete anymore without follow-up.

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “moving the free line.” It’s means you need to give away MORE than you used to. Where you might have given away a free ebook in the past, today you give away blogs posts, videos, MP3s, cheat sheets, and more.

People say you should give away your best content, but is it true? Won’t your paying customers feel like chumps when they realize the tire kickers and freebie seekers got your best stuff?

Here’s a little secret they don’t tell you. The “Free Line” sounds great in theory, but in practice it stinks.

The truth is you DO want to give away value prospects can immediately use. It becomes another form of PROOF (I love proof!). But it should NEVER be your best.

People should feel they’re missing out on the “real goods”…the stuff that’s gonna get them the results they REALLY crave. (Give’m a piece of pie, don’t hand’m the whole thing!)

Do this correctly and you gain an outrageous advantage over the competition.

 It builds a rabid FAN base desperately attached BOTH to your free content and the paid products you promote. It develops loyalty and trust for multiple back end products, higher prices, and sets you up in a virtually competition free zone….even in brutally competitive markets.

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