Double Or Even Triple Your Blog Optin Rates:

This is one of my most valuable WordPress plugins.

Now that I’ve seen the results you couldn’t pry it out of my hands.

The #1 priority on my blog is collecting email addresses.

Turn one-time visitors into long-term subscribers and buyers.

Some people focus on RSS subscribers or Facebook likes.

While those are OK, they’re nowhere near as valuable as a subscriber.

You can see how important this is when you visit my website.

There is a top header across the site on every single page offering a free copy of my newsletter.

You can also register for my list at the top right of the sidebar where I offer the gift again.

I’ve tested multiple forms of popovers asking you to subscribe.

I’m pulling in subscribers from all these methods.

That’s why it was so outrageous when I doubled my optin rate with one little trick.

Plus, I got feedback directly from my visitors at the same time.

All I did was add a little survey.

There is a slider that comes in on the left side of the page that says “Click Here.”

I kept it simple and only ask two questions:

What is your primary business model online?

What is your biggest problem or frustration right now?

Then I ask for their email address to provide them with tips to solve this problem.

The moment I put this in place my subscription rate soared.

Plus I’m getting valuable feedback from my visitors.

Soon I’m going to change these two questions since I know the answer to them now.

And I haven’t even used a secondary benefit of this software yet.

Not only can you survey your visitors, but you can also segment them into different lists.

Visitors who sell their own products and services could be added to one email list.

Those selling affiliate products can be added to a different list exclusively for them.

It doubled my optin rate and gave me ‘insider information’ about my visitors.

Pick up your copy of Survey Funnel here:

You’re crazy if you’re not using this…

The above are my affiliate links. I receive a commission if you invest in this subscriber generating plugin.

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