I had an interesting phone call a few weeks ago.

It was with Stephen Beck and he was telling me how he gets conversion rates as high as 30%. We’re not talking free subscription conversion rates. He was telling me about conversion of leads into sales.

He had my attention.

He earns a high six figure income on the Internet…and he credits all his success to webinars.

He transformed his business the moment he learned how to do them correctly.

Here’s the shocker. I used teleconferences years ago…and saw them time and time again boost conversion rates, but for some reason that had slipped my mind.

And I have several clients right now who earn a large portion of their income through webinars. Whenever they want a new SURGE in orders, they schedule the webinar and let it rip.

Yet I haven’t been using them regularly for myself. Ever feel like you need someone to give you a real good hard kick in the rear end?

Ouch. But that’s exactly what this call was to me.

I immediately asked if he could share his unique webinar experiences with my customers and subscribers. He agreed. He will be holding a special free live webinar this upcoming Tuesday night, September 28th, 2010.

On this live webinar Stephen will share with you the 5 webinar models that have skyrocketed his online business…webinar models you can put to use immediately.

In addition he’ll share about how you use webinars to easily and quickly build a list…by partnering with the big players in your market.

Plus you’ll see 3 ways these simple webinars can be turned into instant new products for your business.

Best of all, you’ll see how you too can prequalify potential customers and dramatically multiply your conversion rates over long form sales pages, video sales letters, and email marketing alone.

You’ll both hear and see it happening in real time on your computer screen…complete with real examples and case studies (this will work on both PC and Mac and your connection speed shouldn’t matter).

There are a total of 400 spots available for this event. Make sure to register today to guarantee your space. You don’t want to miss it…and kick yourself later like I did.

On this 70 minute webinar you’ll discover the secrets you need to boost your conversion rates, create new products, and create list building JV’s with the current leaders in your market.

Will he offer something for sale on the webinar? Count on it. And that’s good news for you.

You should pay careful attention on the webinar to how he teaches, how he eventually transitions in the sale, and how the whole process works.

If you’re not watching, you’ll miss it.

Plus, he’ll have a special you don’t want to miss available only to those who jump on this opportunity.

This is your chance to find out how you can experience conversion rates similar to a live event…without having to put up with airport security lines, stay in uncomfortable hotel rooms, or take days out of your busy schedule.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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