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Not every customer is right for you.

You obviously want to highlight your best customer…the one who is PERFECT for your business.

Who are they?  What do they buy?  What types of products do they buy before they buy from you?  What do they buy after they buy your product?

Knowing what they buy before they buy from you tells you where to look for advertising and who the best JV partners are for you.

Knowing what they buy next shows you what affiliate programs you should be a part of…to earn more money from the same customers.

But what about when you’re having trouble putting your finger on the perfect customer?  Maybe you’re having a little trouble describing them.  What should you do.

Take the opposite route for idea generation.  Who is the WORST type of customer for you?

It’s a good question that we don’t ask often enough.

What customer don’t you want?

You might say, “Well if they can fog a mirror, I want them as a customer!”

I don’t.  Not everyone is cut out to be my customer.  Some are too much hassle.  Some actually COST you money.

For example, what about a customer who orders your product…and immediately refunds it? 

With a physical product you’re can be out merchant processing fees, time for receiving the product back, and potentially charges for shipping and handling the orders. 

Even if it’s a digital product they return, you’re still out the investment in the customer support time to handle the refund. 

Don’t make the mistake of thinking refunds don’t cost you.  They do.  And you could potentially get in trouble with your merchant account if your refunds ever got too high (yes I said refunds – not just chargebacks which are much worse).

If your refund percentage is very high, it could be your product isn’t worth the price…or it could be you’re targeting the wrong kind of customers.

For example, I KNOW customers who want “instant riches” will not be happy with my products.  They can’t be, because I tell them I teach “internet business” not “overnight money.”

Other times I know my products are for a specific audience….and they’re not for another type of audience.

For example, here is a “caution” from my http://www.thetruthprints.com product.

This is designed specifically for those serious about earning money online.  If you’re just playing games or you still believe you can make millions online by just pushing a few buttons, this system isn’t right for you.”

Basically I’m trying to negative qualify people who think they can make money from pushing a few buttons, because I KNOW there are others out there telling they can.  So I’m positive some people who hit this site still believe that message of instant push button success.  I don’t want them to buy from me, because they wouldn’t be happy.

Here is another quote from this page:

If you’re extremely picky about audio quality and only want top level professionally quality where every little noise has been edited out, this may not be for you.  This was recorded in the Livingston’s living room.  Their two little dogs were in the room with us for most of the event.

At times you hear their electronic doggy door in the background when the dogs go outside.  At one point, the cute little guy starts playing with his squeaky toy for a minute or two. 

Sure, we could have edited this out, but you would have missed the discussion occurring during the same period.  It’s slight background noise which doesn’t take away from the presentation at all, but some people get picky … you know how it is.

So if this casual nature offends you, this isn’t the right package for you.  But if you appreciate candor and honest discussion of the realities of online marketing along with the profits, this is exactly what you’re looking for. “

Why did I say the above?  It’s because I know there are some people who wouldn’t be happy with any background audio.  They wouldn’t be comfortable with the laid back approach we took on this product. 

We didn’t remove the dogs from the room when we did the recordings because we didn’t want to lose this friendly environment. 

Each of us were dog lovers and if you were there you would have seen us regularly petting or playing with one of them while the discussion took place.  It’s who we are and how we get most comfortable.  And we wanted all of us sharing from our heart.

But as I said, this could potentially annoy some of the buyers so I wanted to deal with it in advance.  Basically cut off this issue beforehand and give people a good understanding of what to expect.

Are there any “faults” in your products?  If so, don’t hide them.  Let people know about them.  This sets people up for the right expectations and also it eliminates those who shouldn’t be a customer for this product.

The plan here is to think about reasons people may NOT like your product.  Do it just like you would if you were thinking of the people who would like your product. 

It’s NOT for everyone…and don’t try it make it fit for everyone.

That’s one of the big issues I often see with beginners online.  You start asking them who their product is for, and they tell you everyone.  But they can’t afford to target everyone.  And as little as we’d like to admit it, not everyone likes us and resonates with us.

Figure out who your best customers are…and who shouldn’t be your customer (this could be overall in your business or for a specific product).

This allows you to cater to the RIGHT audience for you…giving you a much more fun, fulfilling business overall.

You could say there are no bad customers, but there are definitely customers which aren’t right for you, your product, or your business!

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