Quit Pulling Your Hair Out From Overcomplicated Internet Strategies

One of the BIGGEST reasons people fail in their business or simply sit in place never growing is because they’re overcomplicating everything!

In many cases it’s not even their fault.  The trainers in the internet marketing industry have a goal of making everything much more complicated than it is.

Because if they can convince you how difficult it is, you’ll have to worship at their feet and buy whatever they have to sell you.  In other words, there are many people in this industry who really don’t want to solve your problem!

Instead of their products being designed to solve your problem, they’re simply organized to make themselves look like a genius while you are stuck being a member of their fan club…waiting desperately for your next word from them.

What I’ve discovered over the past decade plus is that once you REALLY understand a subject, I mean really understand it from multiple variations, it becomes simple.

So simple sometimes that you slap yourself on the forehead…and wonder what you’ve been thinking all this time.

Let’s take SEO.  I could dazzle with all the techniques here.  But the fact is you want to build a page about a buying keyword phrase.  You put it in your title, in your image alt tag, and make sure to actually write an article about the topic (this will cover most of the other elements on its own).

Then you need links, and the BEST links are from QUALITY sites.  This means you systematically go out and work on getting these high quality links for your site.

We can try to overcomplicate this if you want.  Or we can spend months discussing all the little itty bitty variations here, but that is the bottom line of what you need to do.

But everyone overcomplicates the matter because they’re busy trying to trick Google with whichever whiz-bang new seo software of the day.

What about your overall business?

We can talk about how big your social media list…or how much traffic your site gets…or how many times your site has been mentioned on Digg…

But the real question is…how is your cashflow?

Are you making sales or products, services, advertising, etc.?

The majority of my readers do not run a large company with venture capital backing them.  As a small business entrepreneur it’s all about cashflow.  If you’re not bringing in more than you’re spending, your business is failing.

To get into profits, you must concentrate on the most important elements.

QUIT majoring on the minors – like what color your website is (unless it’s unreadble), which keyword research software is the best, or how to 100% protect your digital products from doing stolen (if you’re not selling many anyway – who cares).

FOCUS on the MAJOR profit centers of your business…where the money comes from!

1. Find people who are BUYING stuff.

I want to find an audience who is already proven to be buying stuff.  There are a lot of places you can do this research such as the Clickbank marketplace, Amazon best sellers, or over at (you can research mailing lists of actual buyers here).

2. Entice them onto your list with a GOOD gift.

Get them onto your mailing list by providing them an enticing gift that helps solve one of their problems.  Then follow up on them, building relationship and making sales.  As much as the internet has grown and advanced, a small business income is still directly tied to their lists (email lists and customer lists).

3. Offer them BETTER stuff.

Make offers.  Create products or offer other people’s items to your list, but always try to find a way to make your offer unique and better than others in the market.  This is what it’s all about in the end…making sales.

I feel a lot of people have forgotten why they’re in business.  It’s not just to build an audience.  It’s to build a buying audience which means you have to follow up and offer them products and services they desperately want.

If you want to follow a simple system for building your own internet information empire…along with checklists that simplify each step along the way, check out today.  It’s not about making things more complicated.  It’s about understanding the truth and building a profitable business to support your family TODAY and in the future.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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