Radical ResultsQuick quiz…

What is the price of radical results?

Answer: Radical action.

If you want something you’ve never had before, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done before.

Every time I’ve made great progress in my business…it has required me to step up and do something I was uncomfortable with at first.

When I first started online, this meant buying a computer and learning how the thing worked! 

Contrary to what some people believe, up until I started in business, my only previous computer experiences was playing games on a Commodore 64 and 128 as a child.

To grow my income online required me to start writing something my email list at least once a week.  When I first started writing this, I struggled and strained.  I thought I’d run out of ideas in a month! 

I started my business by selling products I had licenses to.  I expanded upon that by developing my own products.  Don’t even point back to some of those early products.  They were good at the time, but I wouldn’t even want to look at them now. 

Eventually I was invited to speak at a conference.  You should have seen my fear jump that day!  I’m sure my hands were shaking and my voice was cracking when I stood up and presented for 4 hours in my first event.

I had to stretch myself again the day I expanded into group coaching and one-on-one coaching to help others.  I didn’t know if anyone would be willing to pay for my help…and I didn’t know how I could help them.  Sure I had succeed, but why would they want my advice?

I don’t remember any brand new steps in my business that came “easy” on day one.   Everything required overcoming fear, finding out about the subject, and stepping out to take action…and grow at the same time.

If your business isn’t growing the way you want today…maybe you’re not confronting those fears and expanding it the way you should.

Everyone likes to say, “Just take action.”

BUT in reality that is wrong.  Just taking action isn’t going to help anything.  What most people do when they hear that is MORE of the same thing.

Instead maybe we should say, “Take that action you’re afraid of and holding back from.”

The actions that bring real results are the ones you cringe in fear away from.

For example, let’s take article writing. 

It’s EASIER to simply take an article you’ve written and submit to an article directory or use article submission software.  That’s pretty easy once the article is written.

BUT it’s much more effective to submit your article to a high traffic and relevant blog in your market.  The “guest blog post” will get you immediate visitors…and a very high quality link. 

The article submission using software only gets you listed in a bunch of places without targeted traffic and gets you some low quality links.

The problem is submitting your post to the blogger could result in REJECTION.  They may say no.  They may even ignore you.

All those article submission directories pretty much take anything.  The only way to get rejected is to break their rules somehow…it’s tough to write content so badly they wouldn’t take it.

Maybe that’s the reason guest blogging article counts for more results…the link is higher quality because the content there is higher quality and more relevant?

To start guest posting requires you to overcome that fear and grow, just like anything else you will ever do in your online business that produces radical results for you. 

Instead of saying, “Just take action,” it’s more accurate to say, “Just take action on anything fear is holding you back from.”

FEAR will confront you at every new step in your business.

The price of radical results is radical action.  Say No to FEAR…and take the next step toward FREEDOM.

Those are your choices…FEAR or FREEDOM.  Which one is it going to be?

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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