Overcome FearI was scared.

There, I admitted it.  I feel a little better already.

It’s hard to admit to fear, because we live in a “No Fear” kind of world.

It’s seen as a weakness, but the reality is everyone experiences fear at some point.

You’re afraid to start that new business.  You’re afraid when you start a new training course.  You’re afraid to stand in front of a crowd.

I’ve spoken multiple times now, and I still get nervous (those little butterflies abuzzing) each time before I get up.

But I get up anyway.  Those butterflies disappear and it becomes fun while in the process. 

Worrying about it beforehand is much more scary than the reality once it occurs.  Because it’s fun.

I had another great opportunity to experience fear this past week.

I’ve always thought about diving.  So I went through an SDI Open Water Certification Course this weekend.

As I said at the beginning of this article, it was scary…and fun at the same time.

You’re basically going a couple of stories deep while using life support.  And of course you’re warned about all the dangers.  Never hold your breath, especially when coming up. 

I was nervous BEFORE the class started.

Fear showed up to become my buddy especially during the mask clearing exercise. 

While underwater you completely take your mask off, then put it back on.  I wear contacts so this also meant keeping my eyes shut in the process.

I freaked out several times doing this, surfaced, and had to get comfortable to try it again.

And that’s just one of the exercises which I found difficult. we won’t even go into everything else like buoyancy.

In my first open water dive, I became terrified down around 25 feet. My heart was pounding.  The instructor did his regular OK sign.  I was not OK.  I gave him the sign to go back up to the surface. 

He was patient and consistently helpful, but I still considered not even showing up for the next class. 

I’m glad I went back, because it got much better.  I asked the instructor to work on specific skills with me and became much more comfortable during all the rest of the dives (although it was still scary the whole time). 

What’s this have to do with you?

I’ll bet you have some fearful times as well.

Sometimes you might even want to give up and quit.

For example, I’ve known people who were scared to choose a market.  So they studied for months or even years without putting up their first website.

They were afraid they’d make the wrong decision.  So they put off making the decision and wasted years in this phase.

Or you’re afraid of placing that first ad.  What if it loses money? 

It might.  You likely won’t succeed on your first try.  So what?

That’s why I always tell you to keep your risks low during the text phase. 

What if you create a product, and people don’t like it?

It could happen.  Again it’s not the end.  It’s part of the practice.

What are you holding back from in your life and business because of fear?

Your mind might even hide the fear by making up some other excuse.  

For example, maybe you don’t spend any money on advertising because you heard it doesn’t work.  Or you’re taking years to choose your niche because you’re careful.  Or you won’t write a controversial post because you don’t want to offend anyone.  And you definitely aren’t getting up in front of a group because that’s not your thing. 

If you were brave, you wouldn’t experience fear, right?

No…being brave simply means you overcome the fear and do it anyway.

If you NEVER experienced fear, that would be unnatural!

If you’re in an online business, you’re swimming in a totally different environment.

It OK to be afraid.  The question is what are you going to do about it. 

Is there something you’ve been afraid of trying in your online business that you can try today?

Do it.  Practice your skills.  Check your tools.  Keep any risks small.  And watch the results.

If you haven’t chosen a market yet, grab Choose Your Market.  Do the exercises we give you.  Fill out the market evaluation blueprint for all your possibilities.  Then make your decision and get moving.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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