Last month two clients were hit with the Facebook ban hammer.

This included ALL the accounts in their ad manager.

In a moment, everything was gone. One of them had spent over a million dollars in Facebook advertising. That’s a pretty hit with no warning.

They were running ads. Then all of sudden, boom. You can no longer run ads.

One of them told me he was going drinking.

I coached both of these clients through this disaster.

The first thing is to be level headed. It’s not over yet.

It seems like a lot of shutdowns lately are automated.

Their software shuts you down because you have bad links, too many ad rejections, or something about your landing page Facebook doesn’t like.

I asked both clients a few questions.

One client reported having a bunch of ads rejected recently and they also had some older ads that were directed to pages which weren’t working anymore.

The other had some tracking software on their website that may have pulled up a warning flag for Facebook. They removed it from all their pages.

The first step for both clients was to submit the disabled ad account help form.

They filled it out and told Facebook they weren’t sure what policies they may have broken. Facebook advertising is important to their business and they want to be a good citizen, following their policies.

All of that is true, because Facebook’s automated messages are generic when they ban an account.

You’re left guessing about the exact problem.

That’s part of what makes it so frustrating.

I cautioned them that Facebook can take a while to get back to you with this form. And they might have to go back and forth a few times, being apologetic for any mistakes they made. Be prepared for several days, even up to two weeks.

Both clients had the same experience.

Facebook said it was a mistake and they were back up and running within a few hours of submitting the form.

But even if that wasn’t the immediate response, I would have told them not to throw in the towel yet.

What can you take away from this?

If Facebook is your only source of traffic, expand out from there into other networks.

Be careful with your ad account. Watch out for any bad links, privacy concerns on your landing pages, or if too many of your ads are getting declined.

Don’t make big direct promises to the end user. Talk about what you or one of your clients have done instead of making a big promise to the reader. This is especially true in highly regulated markets like make money or weight loss. Facebook doesn’t want to be liable for promises you make.

And if you get banned, don’t give up yet.

You will face challenges in online marketing.

Anyone who says otherwise is just blowing smoke in your face.

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