You’ve probably heard marketing referred to as a numbers game.

And it is.

If you earn $2 for every $1 you spend in advertising, how much would you like to invest?

Hopefully your answer is as much as possible…as long as those numbers stay true.

That’s the first point. You’ll get your best numbers when you’re targeting a tight, highly focused audience.

For example, on Adwords that could equal a bulls-eye keyword phrase where a customer is searching for exactly what you sell.

To roll-out your advertising to a larger audience may require you to expand your keywords to earlier in the search continuum. Some of those visitors may not have decided exactly what they want to buy yet and your conversion rate will naturally be lower.

You’ll also find your ‘value per lead’ changes based on where you’re advertising.

Let’s say you run a video ad on both Youtube and Facebook.

Each video drives visitors over to your landing page where you give away a free gift for people to subscribe to your list. And let’s say for this example that you’re paying almost exactly the same for leads from both sources of advertising.

You may find that the leads from Youtube were more likely to buy immediately and more valuable overall. This is a discovery several of my clients have made recently.


Your videos on Youtube can be targeted specifically to those searching for information on the subject. If you’re selling a course on learning French, you can target people who are watching videos about learning French.

On Facebook you have to target people by interest category. So you’d target people who were interested in learning French and following other French courses. But your marketing is an interruption in their daily activities. They weren’t specifically looking for your information right now.

All other things being equal, the Youtube visitors and leads are likely to be more valuable to you.

Of course your numbers may differ, but that’s why you need to not only track cost per lead but also track all the way out to the sale.

I recently tested solo ads to several internet marketing lists.

While the clicks and leads were cheap (averaging $1.57 per lead), they weren’t worth it. There was one immediate buyer of a $10 product, but no further sales…even after a couple of months of follow-up.

Compare that to other leads I generate with Facebook ads, social media shares, podcast interviews, and blogging where the leads are much more valuable.

Leads are NOT equal.

You have to track your advertising all the way to the sale.

What other lies do numbers tell you?

Let’s talk about open rates, clicks, and unsubscribes on your email list.

You can look at all your emails and compare open rates to get a good idea of what grabs your audience’s attention and gets them to click.

But you can’t deposit open rates or clicks in the bank.

I’ve had emails with “low” open rates which generates a large number of sales…and other emails with great open rates which didn’t generate any sales.

Unsubscribes are almost irrelevant…unless your buyers are unsubscribing. If buyers are fleeing your list, you have a problem. But if it’s just a bunch of a free subscribers offended that you had the capitalist audacity to offer your product for sale, then they never should have been on the list in the first place.

My emails with the highest sales rates are usually the ones with the highest unsubscribe rates! If I was trying to avoid unsubscribes, I’d also be sabotaging my sales.

Don’t get distracted by the wrong numbers. They’ll lie to you!

It’s NOT about how many visitors you have, how many followers you have on social media, or even how many subscribers are on your list.

It’s about how much you deposit at the end of the day…and the value you add to the lives of your customers and clients.

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