The customer is always right…except when they’re wrong.

Trying to make every customer happy is a prescription that’s almost guaranteed to make you hate your life.

Provide great customer service.

Over deliver on your promises.

But some people just seem like they were born unhappy. Maybe they were dropped on their head a few too many times as a baby.

They may buy a low cost ebook and feel that entitles them to free consulting.

Or they complain because your product doesn’t fulfill on someone else’s promises. Seriously, I’ve had this happen before. Someone complained that I didn’t teach them X, Y, and Z. When we asked them why they thought our course taught those things, they pointed to someone else’s website!

Or they refund multiple products. One refund could mean a product wasn’t right for them. But when they refund two or more products, you obviously don’t have what they need.

We refund them, ban them from the cart, and remove them from my lists.

I’ve had someone return someone else’s product to me before! They didn’t get a refund.

I’ve only had to kick 2 clients out of my one-on-one coaching in all the years I’ve done it.

They didn’t do what I told them, and they constantly told me why the system wasn’t going to work for them. They felt their situation was unique and never existed before in the history of the universe.

That’s too much stress for me, so I said Goodbye.

One of those clients emailed me a few months later to tell me that he followed a couple of the techniques I gave him and they helped him grow the business.

Kicking him out was GOOD for him, because it made him get his rear in gear.

You may be hurting your subscribers, customers, and clients by putting up with their crap!

I’ve banned dozens of subscribers over the years. One of the quickest ways to get banned is to send emails to me full of tales of woe and begging for free stuff.

Can we really call it ‘customer service’ if someone hasn’t bought a product and become a customer yet?

You have the freedom to design the business and lifestyle you want.

Don’t let anyone else steal that from you.

The moment you let customers or anyone else run your business, you’re going to hate it.

Accept feedback, but know what and who to listen to.

That’s why having a coach or a mastermind group is so important.

Online you have so many voices speaking to you. There are so many opportunities surrounding you every day. And trying to do everything will drive you crazy!

You need someone with experience who can help you sort through the ideas…and help you come up with a step-by-step plan designed specifically for you and your business.

I know that not everyone can afford my private coaching. And it’s also usually sold out as I keep my numbers low, because it really is about the lifestyle more than the money.

That’s why my friend Dr. Glenn Livingston and I (along with an additional partner I’m going to tell you more about soon) are putting together an online mastermind group at a price anyone can afford.

I’ll be sharing more about it soon.

But it’s NOT going to be for everyone. We’re looking specifically for online entrepreneurs who are serious about success.

We’re looking for the 1% who are willing to do what it takes to succeed online.

You have to not only be willing to take advice and implement it, but you also need to give back to the group. Provide feedback to others.

I’ve discovered over the years that some of my biggest breakthroughs have come when I stopped thinking about my own business…and threw myself into coming up with systems for my clients.

I’ve had to write down ideas that applied to my own business dozens of times after helping one of my clients solve the problems in their business over the phone.

Everything about this group is designed for immediate breakthroughs for its members.

I’ll be letting you know more about it and who qualifies to join it over the next couple of weeks.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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