Jobs suck.

But you probably already knew that.

There are a lot of reasons we could talk about. You’re forced to invest your limited time and energy in someone else’s dream. Your boss is probably a jerk. And if you feel like I used to, you don’t have the freedom you long for.

Here’s one big issue with jobs we rarely talk about.

A job means you’re stuck with one income stream. If your company fires you, hopefully you get a severance package. Otherwise, you’re out of luck and can’t pay your bills next week.

You should NEVER limit yourself to just one income stream.

It eliminates your options.

People make that mistake in business way too often also.

A consultant may have one big client. If that client becomes a pain in the butt, they’re stuck because they can’t afford to lose them. And if that client fires the consultant, it’s going to hurt.

Other people may join a biz opp online. They put in all their energy to promote it until one day that program just decides not to pay out anymore.

Don’t be surprised. That happens a lot more often than you would think.

Don’t invest all your energy promoting someone else’s dream.

Build your own foundation.

Instead of promoting directly to affiliate programs, grow your own email list first.

Earn multiple income streams.

I earn money from one-on-one clients, my monthly Club, multiple individual courses, Amazon, affiliate programs, and a few joint ventures.

My email list is the centerpiece of this system.

One of the big mistakes people make online is thinking that it’s all about your product or service.

It’s not.

It’s about your audience and what they want to buy.

You’re here to help them solve their problems and reach their goals.

The first product you offer may solve one of those problems. What else will they need? What do they buy before or after that product?

What services will help them achieve results?

You should be thinking like this even if you don’t offer any products or services of your own.

Look for others in your market you can promote.

Become an affiliate with multiple merchants who offer products and services that will help your audience.

If there is a service you know they want and you can’t find an affiliate program for it, see if you can set-up a joint venture with someone who offers this service.

Contact several vendors and float the idea of sending them referrals for a share of the profits. You won’t get the 50%+ type commissions you get from information products, but it’s common to work out 10% to 30% referral deals on services.

Again, it all comes back to your audience and your email list.

That’s where Autoresponder Alchemy comes into play.

There are a lot of products out there that talk about email, but my course is about more than just email.

You’ll also discover how to better understand your audience and how to position yourself in the market.

You won’t generate multiple income streams by just sending out random promotions. Instead, you’ll position yourself as an authority who can recommend valuable products and services that benefit your audience.

Because that’s what it’s all about. You’ll see your income multiply as you use systems that bring more value to those around you every day…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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