I’ve met a lot of copywriters who can’t even sell their own services.

Many of them have asked me for advice over the years.

One recently contacted me. Let’s just call him Johnny. And the mistakes he was making don’t just apply to copywriters. They apply to virtually any business.

Johnny is struggling. He has studied several copywriting courses, including one on how to get started as a copywriter.

He has done a little low cost work for a few friends, but can’t seem to attract anyone outside his little circle.

He put up a website. He tried some networking. And he even did a little paid advertising on Facebook.

Of course he wrote a ‘super-duper’ sales page for selling his services…which hasn’t created any sales.

What’s the problem here? Why isn’t anyone buying?

The ‘copy’ or text on the page is important, but it’s NOT the most important aspect of your marketing.

Your website needs to be focused on the end benefits to the client. As you probably already know, your customers are focused in on WIIFM (What’s In It For Me).

You have to talk about the problem they’re experiencing, how you can help them solve that problem, and back up your promises with proof.

The problem a copywriter solves is poor conversion. Your website and ads aren’t turning visitors into leads and sales.

But there is much more to selling than just copy.

Audience comes first. Are you attracting a hungry, buying audience?

A copywriter may start out taking any job in the beginning to earn their chops, but almost all of the successful ones begin specializing in specific audiences or types of copy.

For example, I’m friends with copywriters who specialize in financial promotions, health supplements, software, newsletter promotions, emails, etc.

If you tell me your audience is anyone with a website, then it’s going to be impossible to zero in on your target buyer. You’re trying to cast too wide of a net.

Just yesterday I spoke with a consultant where her website was calling out to all entrepreneurs.

Since she already had some clients, my first question for her was, “Who do you most enjoy working with?”

And the 2nd question was similar, “Which of your clients have received the greatest results?

The goal of both these questions is to identify a niche she could resonate with. When someone visits your website, you want them to say, “This is what I’ve been looking for. This is for me.”

Write to this audience in your ads and on your website.

The next question you will ask yourself is how can you reach this audience? Are there interests you can target on Facebook? Do they network in Linkedin groups? Are they searching for specific phrases on Google and Bing?

Once you’ve identified your audience, you need to make an offer that appeals to them. If they don’t know you, it’s going to be tough to sell them on a full copywriting package. That’s too risky. How do they know you can help them?

Instead you’ll need an irresistible offer that removes the risk.

For example, you could offer a quick free review of their ad, headline, or website in a Facebook or Linkedin group. Tell them just to comment with their website landing page and you’ll give them three quick tips totally for free in a private message back to them.

That would start a dialogue. You’d give the personalized tips to them individually, and you could then offer a more in-depth review or help them by rewriting the sections needed for a fee.

Going out and just giving unsolicited advice is NOT a good strategy. But if you make an irresistible offer and they raise their hands, now you’ve started a potential sales process.

On your website, you could follow the same process or offer a free call. And promise a specific benefit from the contact…even if it is free. You’ll give a new headline to test, spot at least 3 ways they can improve their conversion, or something else you know you can accomplish in limited time.

You could even make the offer crazy by guaranteeing they’ll be satisfied with the free call or you’ll send $50 to a charity of their choice.

Of course there is an even better way to attract more new clients.

Position yourself as an authority in the marketplace.

Publish authority based content from a blog. Send out emails proven to communicate value while building a relationship. Brand yourself as the only viable option in your market.

Sending the right kind of emails can make selling online easy…

By the time someone lands on your offer website, they’re already presold, whether it’s a $10 product or a $10,000 service. That’s the missing link.

What happens BEFORE the click to the website is often more important than the website itself!

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Terry Dean
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