Angel, my one-year-old female German Shepherd, has an ‘interesting’ backyard habit.

She chases flying bugs. And before anyone asks, yes, she gets a lot of exercise including playing daily with us and our other 4-year-old German Shepherd.

But she has a lot of energy and sometimes that means chasing high-flying bugs with gusto.

This includes big jumps at bugs she has zero chance of reaching.

It’s kind of funny since it only shows up in the backyard and doesn’t distract her at other times.

At the same time, it sadly reminds me of a lot of online marketers.

They’re jumping at every distraction that comes their way.

One week it may be Facebook bots.

The next is all about Tik-tok.

Then Clubhouse is their next big thing.

Nothing wrong with any of those…if it’s part of a consistent, ongoing plan to communicate with your ideal client.

The problem is when you start jumping at every bug you see, even if you have no chance to reach them.

There are so many opportunities online today that one of the biggest challenges you can face is deciding on what is essential to your business.

You have to learn to say NO.

It’s easy to find success stories for virtually everything.

But you don’t have the time or energy to chase every idea that flies past your eyes.

To succeed online today requires laser-like focus.

Find a hungry buying audience.

Choose a way to communicate with them regularly.

Make offers that will improve their lives.

In some ways it was easier way back in the stone age when I first started online.

Not technically. I can’t imagine going back to when I had to collect credit cards and process them offline, create websites using HTML without all our easy web design tools today, or having to use email broadcast software that ran on our own personal computer.

But it was easier from the standpoint that we didn’t have anywhere near the number of distractions you have today.

Online business was simple.

Get a targeted audience on an email list.

Send infotaining emails that provide value and make a connection with your audience.

Make offers.


Here’s the funny thing though.

Business can be that simple today.

You have a LOT more options for attracting the target audience. You could choose blogging, podcasting, Youtube channel, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and all sorts of advertising just to name a few.

But you can’t do it all. You have to choose one or two good ways to attract an audience.

While you should build up your audience on whatever platform you’re using, you want to also move them onto your email list.

Send infotaining emails that make a connection. Make offers. Profit. It worked when I first started online. And it’s still the #1 profit center of my clients today.

Autoresponder Alchemy will help you focus on this simple system.

It gives you the alchemy that turns your emails into gold…over and over again…as often as you want.

It comes with step-by-step modules and cheat sheets to help you find your profitable voice.

And you also get 80 of my own email templates…ripped apart and provided in template form so anyone can model them to create better emails immediately.

Click here to stop chasing distractions and start profitable consistently with Autoresponder Alchemy…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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