private label rightsI get asked about private label rights products quite a bit. 

The usual question is how someone can use this huge package of PLR products they just purchased to setup an automatic business.

They want to simply take out the individual products or package them together…change the name on the product and simply sell them using the sales letters providing with the product.

There you go…instant business in a box.  Just add water (traffic) and you have a great meal.

And I know that’s how many sellers of these packages promote them. 

But private label rights absolutely SUCK for that purpose.


I’ll cover that in a moment.  Here’s a quick detour for some of my readers who may not know what private label rights are (PLR).

Private label rights means when you buy the “product” such as an ebook, article package, or even audio/video package, you get the right to resell it.  You can keep all the money and none of it except your original purchase price goes back to the original creator.

In addition, they’re different than other kinds of products you can license because you can “private label” them meaning changing the title on them, put your own name as the author, change the pricing, and even rewrite the book! 

And most of the time, these products are pretty low cost to purchase. 

Sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

So why do they suck so bad?

There are several reasons:

1. The vast majority of these products are horribly written.  There is a reason they’re so cheap…they were outsourced to someone for a bare bones price to cover a subject they’re not an expert in.  

2. You’ll have a very tough time selling them using the sales copy provided with them because it’s weak on any unique promise and it almost never has an ounce of real proof backing it up (see #1 above).

3. Let’s assume you get past the first two hurdles.  Then you have the issue that other competitors sell the exact same product as you – putting you in a commodity situation where the best price wins (or the biggest set of additional bonuses if they try to control the price).

So with these 3 major issues, are PLR ever worth it?  Yes.  If you use them for the correct purpose.

They are not an instant business-in-a-box.  So don’t look at them like that.

Instead look at them as sources of potential content.  You still would have issues of #1 (poor content) that would get in the way of this, but the second two probems are completely eliminated.

Rip the ebook apart and turn it into separate emails, blog posts, or articles you submit out.  Even better, pay someone to take each piece and rewrite it so it now becomes unique and likely better content.

Go through the product and edit it to become your own – and then run it as a bonus with one of your other product offers.

Or even outsource it to an expert on the topic as a “framework” to start from and build a unique product version which you can sell.

So PLR can actually be useful when they’re used correctly.  The problem is they’re so often sold from that business-in-a-box perspective which totally sucks.

And no…I don’t have a PLR package to sell you here.  Just ranting a little bit from a question that comes in often.

BEFORE you’d ever need to think about any type of PLR package that’s out there, you need to choose your market.

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