Sometimes quitting is the most productive thing you can do.

You’re chugging away, but things aren’t working.  You want to quit.  The famous quote comes to you…

Winners never quit and quitters never win.” – Vince Lombardi

That’s great for the football field, but what if you’re playing in the wrong game!

Bill Gates dropped of college.

So did Steve Jobs.

Mark Zuckerberg joined that party too.  Maybe someday he’ll make something of himself.

But why did they drop out?  Was it because it was too hard?

No.  They didn’t give up.

They had a better idea which required all their focus.

Quitting doesn’t mean you can’t do it.  It simply means another path is better.

The most valuable resource in your life is time.

Quitting may equal new possibilities and doors to walk through.

The hardest part of quitting is admitting you made a mistake.

I remember selling satellite dishes door-to-door back 1995.  After just two weeks, my employers highly encouraged me to quit.  Selling a grand total of zero just wasn’t pointing towards a good career choice.

And that was just one job out of many I quit.

We’re always so worried that people will think we’re a failure.  And each time we quit we essentially have to admit we made a mistake.

It feels like I’m standing up at an AA meeting.

“I’m Terry Dean…and I’m a Quitter.”

In business, I’ve started projects I never finished.  I admit it.

A better opportunity came along the way, and I went in a different direction instead.

I also joke that I discovered everything that didn’t work online before I found what did work for me.

Remember, it’s not about giving up.

It’s about investing your most limited resource, time, in the most valuable direction.

Quitters win because they cut away the unnecessary from their life.

Here are some questions to ask yourself.

Are you making any progress to your goal?

If you’re stuck in place and spinning your wheels, maybe you need to try something else.

That’s the beauty of marketing.  If something doesn’t work, it wasn’t a failure.  It was a test.  We’re one step closer to the goal.

Do you still feel that desire deep in your heart?  If you’re frustrated, it may be hidden deep in there, but it’s still there. It’s a goal….a dream…a vision you want to see complete.

And here’s a biggie that’s easy to leave out.

Have you asked for help from experienced advisors?

I’ve told people to quit something they were doing before.  They were barking up the wrong tree.

Their goal was good, but the path they were on wasn’t taking them in the right direction.

Are you on the right path to reach your goals?

If you’re not absolutely positive, then you need to seek advice today.  My one-on-one coaching isn’t currently available, but you can register for the waiting list here:

Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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