What if you could tap into a hoard of hungry buyers for free?

Would that make a difference in your business?  I’ll bet it would.

That’s why free traffic is often looked at as the holy grail of internet marketing.

Most believe, “If you just get enough free traffic, you can make any site work.”

But the truth is you need to look at free traffic from a new perspective.

The #1 secret of website traffic is you can turn almost any source of traffic into free traffic.

It simply needs to pay for itself.

For example, affiliates are form of free traffic.

Sure, you may pay them 50% of the money, but it’s only after a sale is produced.  You have an “unlimited budget” to tap into affiliate traffic because you pay after sales are made.

Even if you pay them 100% of the profits on the first sale to a customer, you’re still “buying customers” essentially for free.  All of your future sales are now made at a profit.

I’ve worked with several clients who paid more than 100% on the first sale once you included the contest prizes they offered.

How fast can you expand your marketing if you’re paying affiliates 100% of the first sale?

You can grow as fast as you can persuade good affiliates to promote.

Let’s say you’re running solo ads.  They’re not free, but what if you can pay for the ad through a one time offer immediately after people subscribe to your list?

You’d be building your list for free.  Run those ads in as many places as you can keep those stats!

An offer that breaks even on the frontend is building your customer list for free.

What if you can’t break even immediately from the one time offer?  Maybe it takes the one time offer, plus an upsell, and 7 days of email follow-up.

Now it takes 7 days to pay for the ad.  This will slow down your growth as you need to see the return before you expand.

But you’re still growing your list for free.

Track your visitors.  Track your subscribers.  How much is each one worth to you?  The number may be radically different depending on the traffic source.  Organic search visitors may be worth 50 cents each and PPC visitors worth $1.25 each.

Joint venture endorsements are often the most valuable outside of your own list.

All advertising is paid using either money or time. 

Search engine and social media traffic are not free UNLESS they produce a trackable return.  They’re time intensive.

Even if you’re a brand new beginner, your time still has value.  How much would you earn if you invested the same hours into your current job for example?

How much will it cost you once you outsource the traffic strategy to someone else (you should be planning on this from day one)?  That’s the price you need to compute in for the traffic.

Your goal from the source most people consider “free” have to be tracked and figured into the income per visitor equations also.

All ads can be free to you if they produce a return.

And all ads, even the so-called free ones, can be too expensive if you can’t at least break even. 

Terry Dean
Terry Dean

Terry Dean has been in full-time internet business since 1996 and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get started online through his articles and products. He lives in Ocala, Florida with his wife and 2 dogs. Find out more about how his step-by-step courses can help you today.