I’ve received several questions inside the Monthly Mentor Club about affiliate marketing recently.

Here’s one of them…

“How do you track Bing ads as an affiliate for promoting Clickbank products?”

My answer may surprise you.

There are ways this could be done, but a bigger question is why would you want to?

There are people who tell you how easy it is to earn money as an affiliate.

They’ll say you don’t need a product, a website, a list, or anything. Just run ads directly to affiliate programs and let them handle all the work.

And it’s possible to earn a little income that way.

But it’s HARD.

Instead of giving yourself an advantage starting out, you’re purposely choosing to do business at a disadvantage.

If you’re promoting a good affiliate program, they may have upsells and other products they promote on the backend which you earn extra commission on.

But even with additional potential affiliate earnings from your traffic, you’re still only getting a portion of the money.

The product owner has no advertising risk…so they win whether the ads work for you or not.

And worst of all, you don’t build an ounce of equity in your business.

You’re investing your time and money building someone else’s brand.

To me, that sounds worse than a job. At least in a job you’re not risking your own money to build their brand.

What happens when the costs of ads increase or additional competitors come into the space?

Now you have to choose a different product and market to promote.

You start over from scratch.

Do that a few times…and you’re going to get pretty fed up.

A much more profitable route over the long-term is to get people on your list first.

Build your audience, connect with them, and promote products you believe in.

You’ll generate a higher conversion rate when you promote because you’re adding extra value to the transaction.

You could even run limited time specials for more sales and income. Promote their products when they’re running a discount. Or even create your own special for their product by giving away a bonus for a limited time to anyone who buys through your link.

Plus, once you have people on your list, you can promote multiple products and services from different affiliate programs.

That means multiple streams of income for you.

What happens if the cost of advertising goes up now? You’re still in business because you have a list of your own. You’ve created your own brand and equity.

The March issue of the Monthly Mentor Club is called, “Beginner’s Guide to Making Money Online.”

It talks about getting started as an affiliate…

It covers why not everyone should create their own product…

Discover the 5 phases of business and how to know which step you’re on and what you should focus on right now for maximum profits (many online businesses owners are wasting time trying to copy someone who is in a totally different phase)…

And so much more…

This issue will go to print and mail this Friday, March 1st.

Get this issue plus dozens of my best special reports to help you earn more, work less, and enjoy life online by giving the Club a try today…

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