I love infoproducts.

They’ve created millions of dollars in wealth for me…and they’ve given exciting Internet Lifestyles for my clients over the years.

They give you great margins. They’re easy to distribute and sell. And you get to see the difference they make in the lives of your customers.

But some people shouldn’t create an infoproduct…at least not yet.

If you haven’t narrowed down your market niche…

If you haven’t done your research so you know exactly what customers are searching for and what they’re already buying…

If you don’t know how to add additional value to the lives of your customers…

If you haven’t figure out the hook you can use to attract a hungry buying audience…

If you’re not sure why customers should choose your offer over the competition…

Then you’re simply not ready to create your product yet.

Of course, you could do your research…look at the competition…and come up with your unique hook.

But what if you’ve already done the research and you’re still not sure?

Some people sit around waiting until they get every piece in place.

There’s a better way though.

Why not get started in the market?

Start building an audience first.

Create some free content.

Communicate with your audience. Don’t just ask what they’re interested in. Produce content and see what attracts their attention.

It’s amazing what you’ll discover just by getting started in the market with free content.

You’ll see what they respond to and you’ll hear the feedback they give you.

And not only that, but the very act of creating content will help you focus your ideas.

You might not know what sets you apart in the beginning, but as you write out your ideas you start seeing a clearer picture.

You get ideas for intriguing hooks.

And instead of producing something you hope the market will like…you have confidence because you’ve already seen what grabs their interest.

I’ve helped clients take both routes in starting their online business.

Many of them did their research and created a product that immediately appealed to a hungry buying audience.

Others start producing content for their market first, attract an audience, and then create a product later on down the road.

In the March issue of the Monthly Mentor Club, I go into detail on the right starting point for you.

It’s called the “Beginner’s Guide to Making Money Online.”

Not only does it show you how and where to get started (and the 5 easy ways to do your research)…but it also talks about the 5 phases of business and what you should focus on at each step along the way.

Too many online business owners get sidetracked because they’re trying to copy something from someone who’s in a totally different phase.

You’ll also discover the #1 obstacle that will stop you from earning a good income online…

This issue is being sent for print & mail tomorrow morning early, March 1st.

Click here now to give the Monthly Mentor Club a try.

You’ll get this issue plus dozens of my special reports designed to help you attract more hungry buyers, automate your business, and create a lifestyle you love online.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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