I’ve been helping several clients grow their membership sites recently…and I thought I’d share a few quick tips you can use to grow your monthly income.

The first secret is we usually don’t start out with continuity.

Instead, we offer a one-off product as our first sale to a new customer.

It might be a digital course priced at $37 or $47.

In a business market, we might offer a $995 group coaching class.

We then sell the continuity as an upsell to the first sale and also offer it later on in the email sequence.

For example, one client changed from promoting his course upfront to selling a digital course for $47…and then giving a free trial in his monthly membership as an upsell.

The conversion rates went up. It was easier to pay for the advertising. And MORE members got plugged into the membership than offering the membership upsell because it was easier to pay for more advertising.

Promote that digital course in your initial email sequence. Then transition to promoting your membership as a separate offer later on, after they’ve been on your list for a while.

Here’s another secret to improve your retention rate, especially for the 2nd month when a lot of cancellations often come in.

Give new members a systematic on-boarding path.

What should they do first?

Create a quick start video, cheat sheet, or other training that helps them generate a QUICK WIN.

What could they implement today that will give them results within the first few days?

For example, in my coaching program, I often ask to look at clients’ websites and funnels on the first call…because a few changes there can multiply the income coming in immediately.

What’s your system for generating results?

What one step could new members take today that will make your membership worth it?

Here’s the 3rd tip that’s been the secret to massive growth in many continuity programs.


How can you build a community around your method?

You have a system for generating results for your members. What can you do to make your members feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves?

For example, weight loss and fitness memberships often run 30-day or 90-day challenges…where everyone is cheering each other on to get their best results.

They post photos. They encourage and congratulate each other. You give recognition to the winners.

Combine a Facebook group, forum, webinars, or some other tool so members can help each other.

Large memberships can even encourage long-term members to start meet-up groups or hold a yearly in-person event to build the community even more (and earn an additional income stream).

These are just a few of the ideas you can use to grow your monthly membership income.

There’s a detailed report inside the Monthly Mentor Club called, “How to Set-up a Membership Site, Share Content Members Love, and Turn It Into Ongoing Passive Income.”

Get access to this report and dozens of other reports designed to help you Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life when you give the Club a try.

It’s amazing to see what just a few little adjustments can do to your online business.

Whether you’re a beginner just getting started, or an experienced marketer looking for a few simple tweaks to generate more money online, the Monthly Mentor Club is the place to be.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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